Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Farewell L'Wren

So much has been flying around in the media about the tragic passing of Fashion Designer L'Wren Scott. Everyone cannot stop talking about her famous boyfriend and now tragic death but I want to focus on her creative contribution to our world. 
Her biggest accomplishment, obviously was the lives she touched as a friend, sister, daughter and creative spirit. Also the impact she had on fashion. She produced 14 collections starting in S/S 2008. She seemed like an inspired designer who produced looks that were tailored, sleek and feminine.

She got her start in the fashion industry as a statuesque 6'3" model who was discovered by legendary photographer Bruce Weber. Those 42" inch legs worked the runways of Paris in her early modelling career for Theirry Mugler, CHANEL and others. Her foothold in the industry was firm as she transitioned into her role as Stylist and then Costume Designer ("Diabolique", "Mercy", "Oceans Thirteen", "Shine A Light" - Rolling Stones Documentary). Spring/Summer of 2008 saw her first collection "Dragonfly Blues" walk the runway. She has a large celebrity clientele and list of friends who loved her and her designs.

I followed her on all social media outlets and enjoyed her Instagram posts as she shared her global inspirations. The last I  can recall seeing was her trip to India; the fabrics, architecture and immersing herself in the culture. She also shared many Vintage images on Instagram with the title/hashtag 'Inspiration'.

I have been a fan of her aesthetic since her first started her career as a designer. I featured the dress Sarah Jessica Parker wore from her "Yorkshire Pudding" Collection from S/S 2013 in a past blog.
L'wren was also personally VERY stylish. Great personal style is not necessarily synonymous with being a designer or stylist for others but L'wren was in a word, CHIC.

I loved seeing her on the red carpet in many of her own designs. I read somewhere that she started designing because she could never find clothing that was 'fitted properly'.  I have enjoyed reading all of the messages and tributes to L'wren about how much she meant to them and what kind of designer she was. I would like to contribute to those tributes as she was MUCH MORE than "Mick Jaggers Girlfriend"

Farewell L'wren. Thank you for your contribution to the world of fashion and making our world a more beautiful place.

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  1. Lisa, What a lovely tribute to Lwren Scott's life of Fashion, her gift to the world.