Monday, May 12, 2014

Literary SOS


I am reaching out to the blogosphere in search of a rare book.  I am looking for the following title:
"Over the garden wall. A Story of Racing and Romance"
Author: Eleanore Byng (Viscountess Torrington)
London, England

288 Pages
May 16, 1924
Published by Hutchinson & Co.
WHY? The Author who is known to me as Eleanor Souray is my father's great aunt on his mother's side. So my great-great aunt.  She was born in 1880 in Long Ditton, Surrey and died in London, England Dec 8, 1931.
I will dedicate an upcoming series of blogs to her interesting life as an actress, "Gaiety Girl". Post card beauty, Horsewoman and "Lady" marrying George Byng, 9th Viscount Torrington.
If anyone has a copy of this book or knows where I can get one please leave me a comment.
Thank You!


  1. I too am looking for the book. I had it but since moving it may have been gotten rid of. I had never read it. Eleanor was my great grandfathers sister.

  2. As stated in my blog this woman was my father's great aunt on his mother's side ... so we are related somehow. I would like to know more information. I have found the book in 4 locations in Europe. All at libraries who won't sell them. Stay Tuned.

    1. Well we would be cousins of some sort. Lol. I have some family history but don't think this is the site to do this on. Do you have a facebook page? Then we could send more personal messages and such. Jennifer

  3. Hi there. Any luck with the hunt? I am also looking for it as Eleanor is my great grandfather's sister. I believe there is a copy in the British Library, having checked the records.

    1. Hi! I have found several copies, all in the reference section of British libraries and they will not release it for sale or replication. I cannot locate it from any book dealer yet.

    2. I am on the case with a friend of mine who has British Library access...