Sunday, May 4, 2014

Playtime at the Pewter Plough

I had the honor of taking myself out on a date a few Saturday ago, with little ones this solo date was much needed and a rare occurrence. Since I have moved to the area of Cambria, California I have been meaning to set aside time to visit the Pewter Plough Playhouse and take in a show.

I adore live theatre and take ANY and ALL opportunities to see a play. The players performed "The Cover of LIFE", written by R.T. Robinson. It was a 'woman's piece' about three war brides in WWII who were married to three brothers, set in 1943. I love this time period and had to have a look at the costumes. I also respond to true stories and this is what the play was based on. The cast and show was great! I highly recommend seeing in, the run continues Fri-Sun until May 18th. But that is not what captivated me.
I was completely charmed and taken by the space. The exterior and interior is full of character.
 Antique Lamp

Vintage Film Light from MGM Studio's c. 1950's (still functional)

Bench outside the playhouse: "A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever"

Random Mask wall fixture

I love all of the details here that gives the little playhouse character. There are 59 seats in the house. They are all director style chairs in a red velvet. Each chair has an embroidered name of a theatre star. When you take your ticket you are given a row number and name. I sat in row 4 in the chair of actress Maureen Stapleton

 To say the least it is a charming theatre with some amazing energy. Post show I retired to the lounge they have in front for some champagne. I sat down with the founder of the playhouse, Jim
Buckley who all refer to as JB.

He is 101 years young and full of life! Nothing is getting past this creative man. We had a delightful conversation about his past life as a window designer/dresser for Saks Fifth Ave, Bloomingdale's and others in New York. He also wrote a book about his craft called "The Drama of Display: Visual Merchandising and Its Techniques" Published in 1953. The concepts and visions are timeless, of course I tracked down a copy. 

I would love to re-create some of his windows. 
I look forward to going back to the Pewter Plough for the next production!

What is the last play you saw?

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