Sunday, December 28, 2014

Brighter Days Ahead

Alice in Wonderland: Rear View. As seen by me 12/3/14
Central Park. New York, NY

Greetings my dear reader and digital strangers.  My blog has been dark for a while due to an overwhelming schedule with my children, travel, and a fashion adventure or two.

With only 3 days left in 2014 I. AM. BACK. I somehow got caught up in a life vortex and fell down the proverbial rabbit hole that left little time for sleep let alone one of my personal passions, writing.
Alice in Wonderland & me 12/3/14
Central Park. New York, NY

I am looking forward to brighter days ahead where I prioritize more things in my life that I take pleasure from, writing being at the top of the list. This is not to say that my family obligations, the holidays and travel have been dark or anything short of AMAZING. They have all been life changing, glorious and then some but I just feel the serious need to illuminate my own personal space with the things that I enjoy doing for myself. I constantly preach to anyone who will listen about the importance of self love and self care, two seemingly unattainable items in the life of a busy woman but I am here to tell you that they can be attained if you are organized, sadly something that I am currently working on and have yet to master. I have periodic moments when self-care is the program but as anyone with little children can attest they are the priority and 'my' time is few and far between.  When I get it I am usually to exhausted to maximize it's potential. I come third sometimes but with  two bio, two step children and a husband who I adore I am usually sixth or so. I gladly take this place in line and enjoy caring for everyone but it is time that I carve out pieces of my day that are totally devoted to MOI. My husband is a great support and help but I periodically loose myself in the service of others and feel that it's time to come up for air, compose myself and attempt to get organized. We can do it ALL, right? A looming new year always motivates me and shines a light on my habitually unorganized ways.

I am preparing a New Year's Eve activity for my family in the hopes of staying focused this year.  I am not a linear thinker and a total child of chaos theory. This visualization technique I hope will help me as I cannot follow lists, or carry out tasks for myself  in any order at all. As I type this I can picture the synchronized eye roll about goal setting for 2015. Like the diet I will be on until January 4th and then go back to carbs and copious amounts of champagne.

This is something different.

I'm creating a 2015 GOAL JAR. All of my goals will be written on colorful note papers and placed in the jar. The beauty of it is no expectations for a 'completion date', order or timeline so long as the jar is empty by years end. Once a goal is complete it can be removed from the jar, tossed, pressed in a book or pinned to a 'dream board'. There will be a master list of course but having this jar 'staring' at me with it's brightly colored goal's will serve as the ultimate reminder of the promises I am making to myself. At year's end I will be able to see my progress or the lack thereof.

Wish me luck. Brighter days ahead for us all ...

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