Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Have we seen this before?

The answer is YES! but so what?

I have been reading the fashion news and blogs (as I do on a daily basis, thanks girls!) and there seems to be a buzz about Rachel Zoe's new collection and an issue with a "copycat" creation.

First let me give you the history for those of you who have not seen the story. Rachel Zoe is a brilliant celebrity stylist turned designer; first for her line with QVC and now with her new contemporary collection. The clothes, made in partnership with Li & Fung, are positioned in the contemporary market, Price range: $250 (day dress) - $700 (full suit). She has already done affordable for QVC and hopes to widen her market.

She just unveiled her new collection and there is one piece in particular that it seems we have seen before.

Her "new" dress:

Rachel in 2007 wearing Vintage (From What Goes Around Comes Around):

Rachel @ the Marc Jacobs after party in 2007

And styling the same dress in an issue of Teen VOGUE (2007) - Right

My 2 cents:

The entire business of fashion is based on recycling. The recycling of ideas once used into something "new" and "fresh". All designers look to the past in order to move into the future. In this case it may be a more literal interpretation of a fabulous vintage pieces but in reality .. who cares?

Also Vintage now is a one-of-a-kind business, there is usually one pieces in one size. If these dresses are interpreted and replicated to some degree for this generation of women (in a range of sizes) they will be able to enjoy the Vintage inspired glamour that I feel society is really laking. My entire business Evolution Vintage ( ) is based on taking Vintage pieces and Styling them current. Rachel has taken it one step further. I wish I had the resources to be able to design collections that will bring a Vintage flair to current, chic women around the world.

From a business perspective the RZ camp should be thanking Jane Keltner DeValle, Fashion News Director over at Teen Vogue who tweeted the comparison photos for the world to see. This is an amazing PR opportunity for Rachel's new line. There is nothing like creating a buzz to generate sales. From my seat in the cyber front row, this show will go on to be a success. These dresses will now sell like hot cakes.


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