Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Family Affair: SHOES

What a grand legacy and family business: SHOES! I could not think of a better legacy to leave my daughter than an archive of fabulous footwear or for my love of shoes to creatively inspire a lifetime of her work. However, today I am referring to the Weitzman family. Stuart Weitzman is one of the most famous shoe designers and manufactures in the world. Selling high-end, well made shoes in over 45 countries.

It was his father, Seymore Weitzman who started it all when he opened a shoe factory in Massachusetts (1950's). His "Seymore Shoes" also sold under the label "Mr. Seymore" and it is where son, Stuart Weitzman started to design shoes for his father in his 20's (in early 1960's). When Seymour Weitzman died in 1965, Stuart took over the business with his older brother (Warren Weitzman). The business was sold in 1972 to a Spanish company, but Stuart stayed on and continued to design for the company. In 1994, he bought back the family business. He continues to manufacture his shoe designs in Spain. He is the head of the company today and is currently active in all facets of design and production of his fabulous footwear.

"I Design Shoes to make Women HAPPY"

A Fascinating 8:40 of your life! WATCH

He has quite the celebrity following as well. He has shared his sole with red carpet Style Mavens and screen fashion icons alike.

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From where I sit, Carrie Underwood and Angelina Jolie are true Weitzman women.

Angelina Rocks the nude pump in many forms;

My favorite looks for Carrie:

Mr. Weitzman is a traditional pattern maker which is not very common with contemporary shoe designers. He is also known for his use of unusual textiles and materials in his shoes. Which includes but is not limited to: cork, vinyl, lucite, wallpaper, lace, mesh, and 24-karat gold.

Stuart Weitzman is a quality product. Over 200 operations go into each pair of shoes; 100 of those by the skilled hands of master craftsman. For example some are hand stitched which could take up to an entire day per pair to complete.

As per his web site: The Life of a shoe is as follows:

Reveals the touch of a master shoemaker.

Is touched by up to 30 craftsmen.

Is as carefully engineered for comfort as it is for style.

Takes 6-7 weeks to fabricate.

Has been seen through the entire process, from sketch to manufacture and packaging, by Stuart himself.

Across the sheer range of styles, there is an attention to detail and craft. More than one hundred hand operations go into every pair.

With all that in mind, how could you resist?

You can purchase Stuart Weitzman shoes/boots/hand bags all over the Internet and LIVE in his stores worldwide.

Direct from his site: Regular prices range from $260-$700

They have a sale on right now: My pick: The IRONLADY black buckle boot. They only have a size 10.5 left. .. which in designer shoes will fit me :) Regular $525 on for $262. My birthday is upon me. I think this would make a fabulous edition to my closet.

Can't afford them at regular or sale price points? Never fear fashionista, you always have options.

EVOLUTION VINTAGE has 2 pairs of Weitzman shoes available for sale.

One piece of fashion history, Vintage pumps (circa 1972), designed by Stuart Weitzman for his father "Mr. Seymore"

D'Orsay style pump with reinforced mesh, glitter polka dots, satin heels and back bows. Made in Spain ~ $110
*Excellent Condition*

Length (toe-heel) = 10"
Wide = 2"
((Based on measurements Size 8 or 8.5))

Stuart Weitzman Pumps ~ burgundy patent leather with black heel stems. Size 7.5 B, square toe. Heels=3" (wide stem & base). Excellent condition (used). ~ $60

Inside Measures 10 1/4" (toe-heel) & 3" Wide

WHO will be wearing SW on the red carpet at the Golden Globes on Sunday? Tune in to find out!! XO

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