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Male Maven of STYLE: Dean McDermott

I thought it only fitting since Tori Spelling was my FIRST Style Maven feature that her husband Dean; the other half of their dynamic duo be featured as my first Male Maven of Style.

For those of you don't know Dean he is a Canadian born actor of both film and television but he is most famous for being a reality TV star. A co-star with his wife in "Tori & Dean: INN LOVE" and the co-star of the hit Oxygen reality series "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood". Season 6 of T&D HSH airs in late summer or early fall. They are currently taping.

He is also the co-star of the NEW creative reality program "Tori & Dean: STORI Book Weddings", where he and Tori design weddings for lucky couples ~ It premiers April 6th on Oxygen (check your local listings). He told me about an upcoming episode when they designed a Marie Antoinette themed wedding. He wanted fans to know, "We did a lot with vintage clothing for the Mary Antoinette themed wedding episode – models walking with authentic clothes from the period, not costume reproductions."

Dean and Tori have recently launched a new business venture in Los Angeles called :InvenTORI. It is a lifestyle store filled with antiques, collectibles, children and pet items. If you are in the LA area go check it out at 13826 Ventura Blvd N Sherman Oaks. Apparently they ship all over the US as well - call 818-981-1007
Visit the stores NEW website:

In the works is an "All things Dean" website. Users can log on to get parenting tips and advice, recipes, information about motorcycles and MORE. Essentially all of Dean's favorite things in one virtual space. No URL or launch date has been released so STAY Tuned. I think it will be a unique spin for a mens site. It's not just up to moms to care for children, cook, get pedicures or shop! Hip Dad's are on board too! and it's about time!

When he is not bringing his reality to our Tv's, opening stores or launching web sites he is a devoted father of 3 children (Jack, Liam & Stella),

A doting husband to Tori, she is the ROCK to his ROLL. I think their Love story is FABULOUS. Rarely does one find their "other self" - they remind me of my husband and I actually. Under the strangest circumstances, not so perfect timing and by really love and sheer will to be together they have build such a beautiful relationship and family. PLUS they seem like a hell of a good time and great friends! The 4 of us should get together for dinner some time ;)What I love the most about them is their honesty and lack of pretension. We all saw on last season of T&D that their relationship, just like everyone, has its up's and downs. Tori referred to it in her latest book (Uncharted TerriTORI) as an "Ebb and Flow". It is this real quality that I identify with. I love how they live their life publicly and do what THEY want in spite of the ever present glare of the spotlight and generic societal pressure.

He is also a motorcycle enthusiast and racer. He mentioned to me that "I’m also into riding obviously but Vintage and Vintage replica mototcycles like the
Tramp Scrambler; A throwback to Steve Mcqueen – Ducati biposo a vintage racer Vintage cafĂ© racers – that movement is really making a comeback – 60/70 motorcyles taking them and making them into cool works of art."

AND a man with a giant heart to support charitable causes for animals, various children's charities and the NOH8 campaign and their quest for equality.

With this full plate he still has time to be a Male Maven of Style and show the guys how it's done with his relaxed, RockNRoll chic style aesthetic.

I was pleased to have the opportunity to speak to Dean by phone and ask him my Style Maven questions:

LISA: Can you describe your personal Style aesthetic AND attitude about fashion?

DEAN: A little edgy, RockNroll, a bit of modern thrown in. I created a new term "VINROMOR" – Vintage RocknRoll Modern. Fashion has become a lot more fun since meeting T (Tori). I love shopping. It is a great thing about our relationship. T has helped me bring out my true style. I was preppy before I met her and she has helped tap into the real me and my real style.

LISA: What are the key components / pieces in your closet?

DEAN: The key components of my closet are a Black suit, nice white shirt and tie, dress shoes, great beat up pair of boots, cool jeans, a couple vintage t-shirts and jackets. I like jackets with a military influence to it. I really like to Mix and match. I also love a wallet on a chain, when I’m riding my bike it makes me feel like a rock star (Laughs).

I also wear a lot of Cardigans now. They can be dressed up or down. Ascots are also making a comeback; I am tired of the tie. An Ascot worn with a really nice white shit with open collar is very bratpack-ish . If it is a suit and tie event ROCK an ascot.

I also Love Vintage jackets. T got me a vintage jacket that had been upcycled/recycled from 3 Vintage jackets and made into one. It is my favorite piece.

LISA: How do you feel about Vintage Clothing and Accessories?

DEAN: I LOVE vintage clothing. I can’t seem to find my size often times as I am 6’ 3 and a big guy. I don’t know if it is sizing from the era’s or if all the larger ones have been picked over. I love the set of Italian leather overnight bags I got at a Vintage shop in New York. I do Love vintage accessories too; cufflinks, ties, and sunglasses. I bought Vintage plaid short sleeved shirts, about 10 of them for $19/ea that I rock with jeans and boots. I recently got a pair of Vintage cowboy boots and I love Vintage leather jackets.

LISA: What are you wearing this Spring/Summer? Tell our readers the key elements for your S/S 2011 wardrobe.

DEAN: I live in shorts. Board shorts (Volcom) and cargo shorts. I’m trying to keep my colors solid for Spring/Summer. I am Staying away from patterns, I feel I have grown out of them a bit. Vintage looking t-shirts (He LOVES his EVOLUTION VINTAGE T-shirts: He has both BLACK & WHITE). Flip Flops w painted toes. Classic colors – charger orange, Chevy nova blue, gunmetal, camo. I used to wear a lot of black but I’m exploring colors now.

LISA: If you had one piece of STYLE advice for Women what would it be?

DEAN: Whatever the outfit (corporate, conservative, or edgy) ALWAYS try and find something that will accentuate your best feature. That is really sexy. I love when T wears something lower cut; she has amazing cleavage obviously but she has a beautiful neck and chest. Highlight your best assets ladies it is hot and sexy.

LISA: If you had one piece of STYLE advice for MEN what would it be?

DEAN: Take Chance. Change it up a bit. Like my toe nails I am off of black and have moved into a lot of colors. Also substitute an ascot for a traditional tie. It is a very retro look as I said before with an open collar and an ascot. They are making a come back!

Men seem to need a little extra help when it comes to their wardrobe. What would be your recommendation for 3 stylish staples for their closets?

DEAN:1) Black suit
2) Jeans
3) Boots

LISA: Tell me about your tattoos. They are such a big part of your style and VIBE! Any advice for people considering getting one?

DEAN: They are ALL personal. The big coy fish is Tori, the Tiger is me and baby coy fish represent the kids. They are all black and white but I want to get the coy fish coloured to represent the masculine and feminine. Advice: If u r going to get a tatt – make sure it is something personal, you will have it the rest of your life. The Tweety bird’s and Yosemite Sam you are going to regret.


Evolution Vintage T-shirt in White ~ Get the look @ (Women's T-shirts are also available)

Thanks Dean for a great chat! May you inspire your male counterparts all over the world to evolve and find their true style.

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