Tuesday, March 8, 2011

WOMEN: Who Inspires You?

In honor of International Women's Day I was thinking about women and how we all serve to inspire one another. Today I honor Women: the survivors, the contributors, the trail blazers and risk takers, entrepreneurs, mothers, creative thinkers and the bold women who never take NO for an answer! I hope today serves as a motivation to many to make their mark in the world, by creating something, helping someone, or just making a contribution of some kind to society or even your own home! XO Make it happen sisters: The time is NOW.

I wanted to take a moment and honor a few women who have inspired me personally, to various degrees and for various reasons.

Mexican Painter FRIDA KAHLO ~ Frida lived her life on her own terms and through her physical suffering and personal torment she was able to produce some of the most intriguing art of our time. She was a passionate woman who's perseverance has been very inspirational to me.

Singer/Songwriter - Entrepreneur: ANI DIFRANCO ~ Ani started with a guitar and a dream. After being cast aside by al the "powerful" mainstream record labels she started her own (Righteous Babe Records: http://www.righteousbabe.com/ )
After becoming a success on her own she gave the large record labels the middle finger (because of course they came knocking when they saw her profitability and talent). She has recorded 26 albums and released 12 official bootleg Cd's of her LIVE shows. I read somewhere she performs over 180 live shows a year. She is a mother and has fostered unique artists under her record label who often join her on her tours. I appreciate Ani's honesty in her lyrics and her eccentric approach to making music.

The Mother of all Model turned Moguls; Entrepreneur, ~ Kimora Lee Simmons Hounsou
Kimora overcame her humble beginnings and racial ridicule to become one of the most recognized faces in the Fashion business. She was a trail blazer in women's Hip-Hop fashion and build the Baby Phat brand starting with a single t-shirt in a Phat Farm fashion show of her then husband Russell Simmons. She then built an empire of fashion, fragrance, books, accessories and now has started her evolution into skin care and re-invention of the KLS brand (http://kls.com/). She has accomplished this while being a mother of three and wife. What I love the most about Kimora is her no-BS approach to business and life, her message and sincere belief in female empowerment and unity. She dontates her time and resources to several causes that help a great deal of women and children like "Make a Wish Foundation" (www.wish.org) and "Dress for Success" program for women (www.dressforsuccess.org),

Singer/Songwriter ~ P!NK (Alecia Moore) She overcame her past to create an amazing musical future. She is a no-nonsense, straight talking, real deal woman. A breath of fresh air in the homogenized, generic, plastic institution we call the music industry. I love her honesty via her lyrics and her compassion when it comes to the love of animals, being vegetarian and her work with PETA.

Artist/Activist ~ Yoko Ono
Her unwavering quest for PEACE and UNITY in this world and carrying on the dreams that she and John started in the late 1960's is nothing short of amazing XO

Animal Activist ~ INGRID NEWKIRK Her tireless work on behalf of the millions of voiceless animals is astonishing. Although their methods are controversial PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, she gets the job done!

Comedian, Animal Activist, Talk Show Host - Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen inspires me for living her life on her own terms. She is forever seeing the positive side of life as I'm sure she could laugh her way through anything. She is funny, witty and kind. The way she uses her influence and resources to help others always brings me to tears when I see her generosity through her show. She uses her show as a platform to address important issues (EX: animal rights, non-violence) and gives people a chance by having them on her show. She really knows how important it is to give people a chance at a break or a new start. She is a lover of animals and is vegan; her compassion is infectious.

Fashion Designer ~ Gabrielle Co Co Chanel She was a pioneer in womens fashions with designs and visions WAY ahead of her time. She forged her own path in the industry starting with a line of hats. she has paved the way for many creative female designers and created a fashion signature (The Chanel Suit) that is still relevant and CHIC today!

Media Mogul ~ OPRAH WINFREY ~ Although at times I don't share the same views as Oprah is there is no denying the level of success she has attained out of utter poverty. She left a traumatic childhood behind to become one of world most successful women. She has helped hundreds of thousands of people along the way through her philanthropy, her Angels network and though various other avenues. Her story and success reinforces my belief that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

There are SO MANY others that inspire me I could never possibly contain them all in this blog. MOTHER'S around the world no matter what their circumstances are a huge inspiration. It is most difficult and rewarding experience and/or role. My vintage hat off to anyone with children, children with special needs, step-children or adoptive children. In the wise words of Oprah; "Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother". It is love, hard work, selflessness, dedication and perseverance that does. Many women this minute are battling illnesses and disease, losing job's, reinventing themselves, being abused by a loved one, trying to feed their children, enjoying success, getting educated, serving others and making a difference. I am inspired by all of these women all around the world. The women who lead by example and actions, who try to stay positive and forge onward in the face of adversity and negativity, who view NO as a motivational word instead of a detrimental one. It is a great day for reflection on what women have endured and accomplished, how far we have come and how far we still can go.

Be PROUD today of all you have endured and accomplished. You HAVE grown from where you were to where you are and there is still time and room to do so!

Today we also celebrate each other’s achievements, strengths & passions! We should stand together united and assist each other in making our dreams a reality ... We've come a long way baby! but there are still many suppressed and impoverished women around the world! XO EMPOWER & INSPIRE each other this and every day XO


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