Thursday, March 17, 2011

They Nailed it!

I don't know about you but I am always looking for a new (or "old" in the case of unique Vintage) exciting item to enhance my look; a new accessory, bag, shoe, hat or nail polish shade.

I have found the ultimate nail accessory:
Nail Polish Strips / Stick on Wraps

You have seen the amazing manicures on some celebs recently. It is called the "Dry Manicure" and is reported to last up to 10 days. The big one in "Hollywood" seems to be the Minx Manicure where they use heat to activate the adhesive property and you can drop by the salon for the application (unless you are in full time constraint mode like me and have to DIY). Get more info here:

They looked so fabulous I was compelled to find the DIY alternative at my local drug store. Sally Hansen has a product called "Salon Effects" That I picked up for $6.99

I opted for the "Misbehaved" style - it looks like a fishnet stocking over a metallic base.

I also had to grab an animal print. I was not struck on the Sally Hensen offering so I want for another brand called "Broadway Nails - Nail Dress" in metallic leopard print. $5.49 (28 Nail wraps in 14 sizes) - I have terribly short nails and I think this could be the puuuuurfect answer to making them fabulous.

I just got a Jaguar head statement necklace from Patricia Field ( and had to take my metallic MEOW nails for a spin.

Did I mention I am 7mo preg? Style/Fashion NEVER has to take Maternity leave!

The application process is super easy and NOT time consuming:


They remove easily with nail polish remover (I peeled mine off). They did not last 10days for me. I think that they should have a multi-tasking mamma disclaimer to say: if you make them last up to 5 days with all the typing, dishes, bathing your children, cleaning and working then you've NAILED IT - ROCK STAR STATUS. Mine started to chip within a few days.

You could also ROCK the chipped nail look a-la Helena Christensen in the 1990's video for Chris Isaac's "Wicked Game" ~ CLASSIC! There is still something a little punk rock about the "not so manicured" nail ... with the right rings/accessories of course.

Get out there and get your favorite design on your nails! A fabulous expression for under $7.00. Leave a comment and let me know how you NAILED IT!


  1. I hope that drink was non alcoholic.

  2. Are you kidding me??? ha ha ha ha OF COURSE it was ... Ever hear of a Virgin Cesar ;)