Thursday, April 19, 2012

Food For Thought

Our lives are so fast paced and most of us are over obligated. This leaves little time for providing ourselves with adequate nutrition, or does it? The biggest "excuse" I have heard (and made) about not eating healthy is that I don't have time - Translation = It is not a priority for me.  I used to make this excuse in the past and now that I am adapting a much more healthy lifestyle honestly at this juncture I have LESS time and more obligations than I did before, yet somehow I have time to shop accordingly. Now that I have made it a priority I have no problem preparing healthy meals for my family.

Visualization always work for me to put things into perspective. I wanted to share this image as it related to calorie intake, nutrition and feeling satisfied (or sated).  It is simple to see why we over eat. We are over fed an under nourished.  

Think about what you are putting into your system today. Mindfully choose your meals and snacks. Get creative in your kitchen and see the ways you can work in healthy foods into your daily routine to replace the non-nutritious ones. I don't know about you but I would much prefer to be the stomach on the far right. Remember: what you put into your body will be directly reflected on the outside.  Just a little food for thought today!

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