Saturday, April 28, 2012

Phoney Style

Recently I shot the images for my NEW One-Of-A-Kind Vintage Re-Styled Ring Collection, Evolution Rewind (Available May 21st).  During the shoot we utilized a few Vintage props and the beautiful beach close to my home.  I selected this AMAZING 1950's Princess Style Rotary Phone to showcase the above pictured amazing Rewind Ring and decided the phone needed a new home with me. 

The phone has an old 4 prong male plug which I will soon get converted so I can actually use the phone.  My hope is it is fully functional. The epitome of Chic Communication!

But what if it didn't work? besides a beautiful decorative conversation piece I am all about Re-Styling the past to be functional and current.

I'm now obsessed with Telephone Purses and Bags.  

Check out this old rotary phone (my parents had the EXACT same one) that has been converted into a bag!

$65 via ChicaandJo

And if you HAVE a non-functional piece use this DIY tutorial to convert it into a PURSE!!  Style and embellish it to your own unique taste.

You can Go GA GA over a Fabulous Vintage 1970's Dallas Telephone Purse

 Vintage 70's Dallas Telephone Purse .. with a FUNCTIONING Phone! $179 a small price to pay for such a unique and AMAZING statement piece!

Not a Vintage fan? No Problem - Timmy Woods of Beverly Hills has a Retro-Style Telephone Purse too. Meet Marilyn

No matter what your style or budget you can still have unique Phoney Style. For me, half of the fun is in the hunt for unique pieces for my wardrobe. 

Happy Hunting!!


  1. Your phone is beautiful.....however it is nota princess phone, it is a French style cradle phone. Princess phones have an oval shaped base, the receiver rests over top of the dial, and the dial lights up when you pick up the receiver. Rather than replace the existing cord with a new modular cord you can buy an adapter that fits into your modular phone jack, your four prong plug will fit into the female end of the adapter. Theses adapters are availiable on Ebay.

    1. Thanks for your comment Bob and for the info. I will update the blog and look for the adapter!!