Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Keep it Simple

Life with all of it's ups and towns, surprises, tragedies and triumphs it can sometimes feel like it is pretty complicated. Some of the issues you face are quite complex with several layers and are usually emotionally fueled. However, just like everything else there are two ways to look at things. I have always instinctively opted for the complicated or learning the lessons the HARD way.  Lately I am working on taking a new perspective - Simplicity. When you really think about it and change your perspective the situations in life can be pretty simple.  When faced with a new situation wait until the emotions subside to examine it with a clear mind. Put it into perspective and THEN act. It is easier said than done for sure but with practice it can become common place in your life.

You may be surprised with the results.

In the meantime celebrate all that life has to offer. Try to simply look for the good or the lesson in each negative that comes your way. Keep it simple.You never know what will wash up on your shore next. 

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  1. Well said hon. Simple is good for body, mind, heart and soul. Many of my favourite things in life are simple in nature and I find I get so much intense enjoyment out of them. XO