Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's All Up To YOU

Don't you think it is time to take accountability for your own life? I hear a lot of people blame the universe for their circumstances, or the lack thereof. It is an empowering thing to KNOW that YOU are in control of your life and where it goes. Make a mistake? Fix it. Make amends and learn.  If life faces you with things that are out of your control only YOU have the power of perception. You can perceive it as a negative or try to find the good, the lesson or the reason as it applies to your life path.

I came across a book today gifted to me by my Aunt Glenda as I was ready to move from Ontario, Canada to California to follow my dreams and start a new chapter.

It is called "Always Believe in yourself and your Dreams" - (WAYANT) - Blue Mountain Arts Collection. It is full of some great, simple wisdom about life.  In it was a few words I wanted to share.

"It's All Up To You" ~ Linda E. Knight (p. 17)

This life is the only one you are given.
Look for opportunities to grow and never be discouraged in your efforts to do so.
Replace your weaknesses with positives;
take life's broken pieces and recreate your dreams.
Never measure the future by the past; let yesterday become a memory and tomorrow a promise.
Begin each day by focusing on all that is good and you'll be in a position to handle whatever comes along.
Take responsibility for your action; never make excuses for not being the best you can be.
If you should slip, be comforted by the thought that we all do at times.
Determine your tomorrow by the choices toy make today, and you';; find yourself living in joy and triumph."

This seems simple enough to me.  Can you apply this to your own life? Try it and start TODAY because it's ALL up to YOU.

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  1. Lisa, thank you for this lovely, inspiring article. Every word you write is the brilliant truth!
    The next time I'm at Chapters, I will have a look for the book you mentioned also.
    Thank you for reminding me that it's all up to me:)
    Have a Magic Day!
    Jackie Jones