Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We are ALL Models

This post of mine first appeared in a guest blogger spot on Loren's World. Loren Ridinger is a business woman who truly inspires me and others with her relentless positive motivation for women in business and in life.  I had the honor of being a guest blogger on her fabulous site. You can see the original post HERE

Kaleigh Rain & I

As my daughter ages I see more and more how she takes EVERYTHING I say and do, repeats it, and mimics herself and her conduct after mine. It is a HUGE responsibility and I try to stay aware of what is going on around her.   

I wanted to share my post "We are ALL Models" as I think we all take for granted the impact our actions and words have on the people and the world around us.
My Daughter Kaleigh Rain. Age 4

We are all models, but not in the conventional sense that your mind automatically jumps too.  I’m sure as women at one time or another you have pictured yourself walking the runways of Paris or Milan with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld or the late great Gianni Versace who are proud of us as their muse of the moment.  Oh wait, is that just me?  Anyway we are all models in this life: ROLE MODELS. We are living examples to those around us.  

You would be surprised who is listening to what we say but to a greater extent who is really watching what we DO.  It is wonderful to be able to talk about intentions, dreams and goals but let’s face it folks, it’s just words until you have actions behind them.  Your actions speak volumes about the person you are and what you are trying to accomplish. People may be modeling themselves after you or you have as a role model inspired something in them to take action in their own lives.  It is the most apparent in children and they don’t even have to be your own. 

As part of normal child development and socialization children look to adults (parents and others) as models for behavior both the acceptable and unacceptable. Try to be cognizant of your actions, not just your words and set a good example for them.  They will in turn be your greatest teacher and source for personal growth to be a better person overall.  Be aware of your role model status, or even your potential role model status and it may force some introspection and self examination you may not otherwise do. Think about the concept of being a model in your everyday life even to strangers.

A great place to start thinking about what kind of model you are could be by the simple use of manners or politeness, participating in random acts of kindness or helping out a stranger for no personal benefit whatsoever. Even taking the time to smile at a stranger may set the tone for their day and they may model this kind of behavior and use it in their own daily dealings with the world. Think also about the people who have been models in your life or whom you model yourself after.  IT is a role that is very important in the grand scheme of your life and how YOUR actions impact the world around you.

No matter who your audience; ALWAYS put your best runway foot forward when you step into the world. Remember; you are strong, fierce and fabulous. You’re a MODEL!

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