Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas Craft: Grab Your Balls

My mother is a heavy duty Christmas Crafter; full jeweled poinsettia apron and glue gun in hand by the end of October. She never fails to flood my inbox with tips, tricks, how-to videos and examples of Christmas Crafts in the hope she will inspire me. Well this time it worked. I have little time to be sitting around crafting with the kids, ma job, my home and something that resembles a social life. I did tackle this fabulous Ball Wreath project yesterday and was THRILLED with the results!

It is the coolest craft if you are pinched for time or money.

What you need:
*Wire Coat Hanger
*Assortment of Christmas Balls (preferable Plastic or "Unbreakable") - 50-80 depending on size

Time: Under 30min

I ventured out to the local Dollerama and threw down about $6 for assorted silver balls (Packs of a dozen balls for $1/ea), then to RiteAid and spent another $4 for larger balls. $1 for thick wire trimmed ribbon. I had a white metal coat hanger on hand.


*Re-Style Tip: You can use your OLD Balls from last year or years gone by to create a Christmas Memory Wreath if you are re-designing your look or colours for Holiday 2012. It would be AMAZING to use Vintage ornaments too for a Retro-Wreath! Truly One of a Kind. Total Cost : $0

Step 1: Shape the hanger into a "circle" first and then un-fasten the top.

 Step 2: Thread the balls on. Mix and match textures and finishes and place them on the wire in no particular order. Symmetry is not the goal here.
Step 3: Re-Fasten the hanger at the top

Step 4: Add your bow

Step 5: HANG and Enjoy
 I used a monochromatic palette of Silver tones and textures. You can you ANY color and textural combination to suit your personal taste and holiday decor. My friend Jensine opted for a mix of Silver and White.
Whatever combo you choose this Christmas Craft is bound to be a BIG hit! Make a few extra's as a gift to bring to your host/hostess this Thanksgiving  (USA) or to the host/hostess of your Christmas Cocktail Party! 

Are you Christmas Crafting yet? 
Share your ideas below.  


  1. Amanda F. from TorontoNovember 21, 2012 at 9:28 AM

    Looks amazing! Love how simple it is but the overall result is gorgeous! I'm definitely inspired.

  2. It looks like a million bucks for about $10. Be inspired and make one. Hand in or out. Gift or keep. AMAZING! XO