Saturday, November 10, 2012

Silver Saturday Shoe: Past to Present

Sex and The City S 6 Episode 83 "A Woman's Right To Shoes"

Fashion's Past ALWAYS serves to inspire fashion's future. It makes me laugh when women roll their eyes at the thought of a "Vintage" piece and how "un-modern" it is.  I recently sourced these amazing Silver shoes for the Holiday 2012 offerings at Evolution Vintage. 

It reminded me immediately of the Modern Manolo Blahnik designed silver Sedaraby d'Orsay pumps I purchased in a slingback (c. 2007)  
and were made famous in another style in the Sex and The City Episode where Carrie's shoes were stolen 
Shoe Story: d'Orsay style pump is a shoe in which the vamp (or side) is cut away to reveal the arch of the foot. The front or back portion may be open or closed. They were named after Count Alfred d'Orsay; a 19th c "dandy", artist and friend of Lord Byron. This style of shoe was worn by men at the time and the cut out sides were introduced to accommodate a wider foot.

The buckle detail is the past-present connection. 

The shoes from the 1960's are rhinestone encrusted in a similar buckle shape.
The Manolo's are encrusted with crystals.
The materials and design have evolved and obviously the Manolo's are much higher end but the basic concepts have been there for the better part of 45 years.

Are you ready for your Silver Cinderella Moment?

Manolo's come in a range of sizes.  (34-42 EU or 3.5-4-11.5-12 US) Order a half size larger than what you wear normally as this style runs small.

Are you a Size 7.5 AA? Rock your holiday party in this amazing piece of fashion's past.
and in Black from HouseOfWorwa $30 (Sz 6)

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