Tuesday, August 20, 2013

His BRAND of Comedy: The Messiah Complex

The evening of Friday, Aug 16th I spent in San Luis Obispo, California. I had the pleasure of seeing one of the first in a world tour of shows called the Messiah Complex. Comedian Russell Brand brought his new show to the historic Fillmore Theatre to a sold out audience.
 I had no expectations as I knew very little about Russell besides his films, which I did not care for. My friend who got the tickets loves Russell so I was compelled to trust her judgement and resign myself to the fact that at the very least, it may be good for a laugh.

I was pleasantly surprised with how captivated I was by Russell. His type of raw, unscripted, intelligent humor is exactly what I respond too. The social commentary placed into a context of humor with the clever delivery of factual information blended with his personal opinions was brilliant. I feel like his overall message too was genius and quite in line with how I feel and see the world.  He is promoting equality and unity among human beings, the connectedness that we all share whether we wish to acknowledge it or not. He also shed some light on the imperfectness of people, regular people, celebrity and those as a culture we idolize. The vulgarities and simple truths about the human experience I found to be hilarious. I enjoyed myself and love people who express what others don't have the 'balls' or 'guts' to say - especially in a very intelligent way.

The crowd however left a lot to be desired. I was secretly happy that I was not in the front rows where Russell could have spotted my friend and I. I was embarrassed for the obviously drunk people of San Luis Obispo who thought his live performance was time to have a live conversation with him, by interrupting and disrupting his performance over and over again. Between the random hoots, hollars and hecklers there was one man who just would not quit. Russell had to finally put his foot down, tell him to shut the fuck up and call him a cunt. HA! There was never such a fitting moniker for a person.
Image: Instagram-@tattoobeardy

Between the technical difficulties with the lights, microphone and the ill mannered crowd I missed my chance to tell Russell how much I loved the show in person as my friend and I waited alongside the promoter following the show to see Russell and he was a no show. He left immediately following the show and I could not help but think it was because how brutal the audience was. The technical issues were a shame but Russell was also Fashionably late and I guess someone should have checked sound, mic and lighting prior to his arrival. He also repeatedly asked people to stop filming. How mortifying that people cannot even put down their smart phones to enjoy the live experience. As if their ticket stub was not proof enough they attend they require video footage to prove they were there? Rude. I'm a Canadian gal living in California and I was embarrassed for both the venue and the audience. I doubt SLO will ever see comedic stylings of Russell Brand again. I then felt compelled to blog about the show since I was in essence robbed of my opportunity to tell him to his face.

I now subscribe to his particular brand of storytelling, wit, puns and personal 'propogranda'. The lesson here kids, is to really never judge a book by it's cover (or the cover of cheesy movies and random tabloids). I took the liberty of after seeing him perform to watch a series of  recent interviews. He is as crazy as he is intelligent and seems as kind and he is funny.

You can join the fun of the Messiah Complex while Russell is on tour. See all dates HERE

ALSO Enjoy a VIP experience and meet Russell (tell him I loved the show, would you?) - the money is going to benefit the David Lynch Foundation

Get yours HERE
*Sorry Russell, I tried for the SF show and it is sold out*

Editors Note for RustyRockets: This is not a blog to kiss your ass Russell but to give my honest feelings/thoughts about your show. I personally think you were a dick to my friend Kristen Johnston in your interview with her about the book GUTS. Not bothering to read the book and making "fun" of an addict for sharing her truth (taking her dogs pills, etc) is really shitty and you should at the very least empathize as you too have been trapped in the darkness and disease of addiction. Shame on you for that. I have her contact info when you are ready to practice what you preach about humanity and say sorry ~ Lisa XOXOX*

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