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Model: Yameen Ghauri

For those that don't know TBT = ThrowBack Thursday. It is a social media Hashtaggers (#) dream day to post images from the past as a 'throwback' or #TBT. If you don't know what a hashtag is, you must wait until I explore the wild world of social media in another blog. TBT to last weekend when I was otherwise occupied and NOT watching the VMA's, no twerking for this girl. I did, as always have a peek at the red carpet looks. All the tongue wagging aside I liked Miley Cyrus choice to wear a Vintage Dolce & Gabbana look from their Fall/Winter 1991 Collection.
I did not care for the hair (or the constant tongue pose) but applaud her 'style balls' for putting herself out there. She has youth and a bangin' bod on her side so she can pull it off! 
She is also pushing her fashion boundaries and putting Vintage at the forefront where it belongs, right along side it's contemporary counterparts. Bravo Miley for following your fashion instincts ... tWERK it girl!
Both Images: 1991

One jeweled body suit  from D&G Spring/Summer 2012 collection took me back to the day of the supermodel in spandex working the Milan Runway in 1991 and Madonna on an event red carpet!
LMP 1993

 It also reminds me how designers always pull references from the past. That is what makes Fashion's past so relevant. It is all about the STYLING and how you choose to present  it in a current way.

S/S 2012

Karlie Kloss Korean VOGUE D&G S/S 2012

Check out a clip from the D&G 1991 Show

What do you think about Miley's look? Do the jewels do her Justice?
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