Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Stafford Project: A Laugh at Life

You may know actress Michelle Stafford from the hit CBS Daytime soap opera The Young and The Restless as the feisty character Phyllis Summers. With her character she sure brought the drama to Genoa City, but she is now bringing the laughter to YouTube in her new series 'The Stafford Project'.
Michelle has recently left Y&R after 16 years of playing the beloved character of Phyllis. I have been reading peoples reactions and the constant barrage of questioning as to WHY? From where I sit I am not surprised that after 16 years this creative woman has chosen to simply move on, evolve her craft and try something new. It seems like a simple case of creative evolution to me. I said bye to "Phyllis" when she drifted into her coma on the show and now I'm over it. Enter Michelle Stafford: Comedic Actress.
The Stafford Project is a scripted, comedic web series based on Michelle's life. It will explore the humor in the up's and downs of dating, motherhood, her issues with fertility and everything generally funny about 'Doing it as a Single Chick'. She recently launched a new web site  as well where she explores all topics related to life, style, dating, health, motherhood and more from her perspective as a working single mother AKA Doing it as a Single Chick. It has been my experience that fact is oddly funnier and stranger than fiction when it comes to life and I look forward to her series developing and the depiction of the humor in hers. The series features her beautiful little girl Natalia and her friends "The Paige's" (Paige Long and Paige Dorian) who are also co-creators and writers for the series.  Michelle told me that the audience can expect 11 episodes and the third episode is scheduled for upload early September.

I had a chance to chat with Michelle about the series recently,
LG: The series is a ‘scripted depiction’ of your life, what inspired you to ‘let the camera’s in’? Will you explore all facets of your life? 

MS: Well, it's a comedy "based" on experiences in my life. I'm not really letting the cameras in... I will explore whatever is funny.
LG: Is there anything off limits, or is all’s fair in love and comedy? (ex: religion, etc.)

MS: The only thing off limits is something that is not entertaining. Something that no one can relate to. Something boring. All people can Relate to striking out in the game, or trying to make things go the good way despite obstacles.  We won't delve into religion or politics cuz it's just not funny.
LG:  How does Natalia like the camera’s? She looks like a natural character (I follow you on Instagram) She is the ultimate #Instakid.
 Images courtesy of Michelles Instagram
MS: Ha!! She is a instakid that kid of mine. I have been following her with a camera since she was born. She's kinda used to it. I mean There are probably 6 pics of me when I was a kid. Nowadays thanks to Steve jobs, people have thousands of pics of their kids.

LG: You are now exploring your comedic side.  Would you ever hit the road for some LIVE Stafford Stand up?

MS: Oh!! If I could do stand up I would... THAT is a ballsy gig!! I am not that naturally funny.
Well, I beg to differ Michelle. If the first two episodes are any indication, I think you are pretty damn funny... scripted or not. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the series! It would do us all good to have a good laugh at our lives and the bazaar circumstances we sometimes find ourselves in. The message to me is not to take yourself or your life too seriously. An injection of humor makes all the bullshit seem better and can help take the trauma out of the tragedy. 

Have you seen the series yet? 

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