Wednesday, September 25, 2013

SockStar Status

There is a time and a place for every look. Two mornings ago it was time: To be a SockStar. I forgot how much I loved my Holly Madison 'skater socks'. In a mad dash to get my daughter off to school I felt compelled to Rock the Sock. I styled it with my JustFab Alvinette Moto Boot, denim shorts (decent length, don't get me started on jean shorts with exposed inner pockets) and a TORD (Toronto Roller Derby) top, kindly gifted to me by my 'Wheely Nasty' Sister.

Remember the days of 'The Girls Next Door' and how Holly was a SockStar? She is still Rockin the Sock. It is her signature accessory.

 Kendra Wilkinson & Holly (Buy the Green Socks HERE)

You can also get them at American Apparel for $10 in a RAINBOW of colors! (They have thigh highs too)

This style of sock originated with the Roller Skaters and 'derby' girls of the 1970's a-la-Raquel Welch in the film Kansas City Bomber. Known as the Skater Sock or Tube Sock.

Flash forward to Milan Fashion Week S/S 2014 runway at PRADA was full of the semi-sock aka leg warmer. Boasting the same stripe as the 'skater sock' this "new" chic leg band may be all the rage in the spring.  I may have to give it a try, in a lower priced, likely DIY version.

Are you a Sassy SockStar? Share links to your images and tell me why you would or would not Rock the Sock! 

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