Thursday, October 17, 2013

LaBlast: WIN Your Way To FIT

It is no secret that I am not the biggest fan of 'working out'. The gym scene I despise and I have a hard time self motivating. I am a habitual procrastinator and excuse maker, I know MANY of you can relate. I did decided to try LaBlast because I adore Louis VanAmstel. You may know him from the hit ABC show Dancing with the Stars but he is also a world ballroom dance champion and creator of this fitness program. 
His enthusaium is infectious and that compelled me to give it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised how much I LOVE it.
It is indeed a workout in disguise. When learning to 'dance' I am engaged and preoccupied with learning the steps and keeping time the entire notion of 'working out' leaves me. It is amazing to be able to engage yourself in a physical activity and have fun doing it, never putting the dreaded 'I have to work out now' label on it. When you LaBlast, its "time to DANCE".
LaBlast 411:
*Variety: There is enough variety that you are never bored (5 discs)

*Motivation: The program has several levels to keep you motivated and working toward a higher goal.
*Triple Duty: Learn a new skill (dance), get fit AND build self esteem.

*Something for everyone: on the go? there are a series of 15min workouts. Can't Dance? not to worry, you will learn. Let Louis lead the way.

*YOU Can Do It: This program is for every woman/man. You can be any age, any weight, any fitness level and have zero dance experience. You WILL and CAN benefit from this fitness program.
Want to give it a try?

ENTER TO WIN a set of 5 DVD's: autographed and personalized by Louis himself for the winner!

Who Can Enter?
Anyone ready to Dance their way to FIT. 
Open to Facebook AND Twitter

2) ReTweet and/or SHARE this blog on your twitter timeline and Facebook wall

3) Use Hashtag #LaBlast in your entry (comment) (On FB #Hashtag and TAG @LaBlast)

4) Tell us, in a creative way WHY you need LaBlast

Example: RT This blog link. In a separate tweet submit your entry: "@LaBlastFitness I need LaBlast to loose my Fat Ass #LaBlast"

Have fun and be creative. 

We will choose the winner FRIDAY OCTOBER 25th. Louis will announce it (so FOLLOW HIM and LIKE his Facebook)

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