Saturday, November 16, 2013

Style is Sizeless

1940's - CoCo Chanel

I am always asked if I have Vintage pieces in my eBoutique that are not a size SMALL. The answer is YES!! but the fact is my inventory mostly consists of smaller sizes with a wide range of different measurements. Bodies are like thumb prints, no two are really identical.

In days gone by women's body shapes were a lot different and it was a reflection of society. We were not a fast food nation back then and many women had different technical skills. They were capable of sewing their own garments and it was cheaper to buy fabric and construct your own garment than it was to head to  a boutique to purchase one. High volume, low quality garments were not available and neither were large shopping outlet stores or strip malls.
Image: Horst P Horst
Many of the earlier Vintage pieces are hand made and tailored to a specific women's measurements. It makes it difficult then to marry each garment with a  new owner. 
Modern women find the concept of a seamstress or tailor very foreign and are used to the convenience of "ball park shopping". By ball park shopping I mean grabbing the size they think they are (Ex: Medium) from an over stuffed rack of discount clothes made in a foreign country and guessing that it will fit. Hence, making a 'ball park' estimation as opposed to having something tailored.

 Undergarments are really the foundation of any look and are important to the overall shape a garment takes on the body. This is another concept largely lost on the average modern women.
Back to my original point. regardless of your size/shape there is ALWAYS something available for you that is authentically VINTAGE. I choose garments for my eBoutique that can be re-styled CURRENT regardless of size.  Find out why you will never read me use the word PLUS SIZE ~  Click Here

I did a little experiment in my showroom by just randomly pulling looks for my statuesque friend Jensine to try on and photographed it with my iPhone. She is tall (6'1"), busty and fabulous (sans makeup too - naturally GORG)!

Style Tip: When applicable --> BELT IT. Accentuating your natural waist is important to the overall silhouette. It is also a good way to update a look too. 
 Vintage Dotted Dress and Belt Available Soon at Evolution Vintage
 Vintage Black and Red Floral Dress (SOLD)
Vintage Graphic Black & White Kimono (Available Soon)

Vintage 80's Emerald Rouched Dress (Available Soon)

Jensine is proof that you don't have to be a size zero to have Vintage work for you, look chic, current and sexy. Remember great style is sizeless!

Will you step outside the confines of the contemporary strip mall and try something Vintage and unique from my eBoutique?

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