Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Evolution of a DIY Tree Topper

I have been on MAJOR Christmas preparation hiatus and have had little time to post here. My out of town visitors have arrived and now that the holiday's are in full swing I am onto the crafting phase of the year.

I started with my tree topper.  It has evolved over the last 3 years and I wanted to share how I made it.  I can't be the only one who is not a fan of the classic angel or star topper. You don't have to spend a lot on the crowning glory of your tree. You can use items you already have on hand and incorporate new ones as your taste and tree decor evolves.

Year 1:
This year I utilized a natural looking small "wreath" that was pre-done with faux snow, cranberries and pine. The focal point is the "H" which was the cake topper on my wedding cake. and I purchased a small glitter red flower arrangement from the dollar store, took it apart and added it to the topper along with ribbon.

Total coast: $7 (H monogram not included)

Year 2:
I changed my tree decor from the classic red/silver to a more modern black velvet, magenta and pearls. The accent colors being white and silver.
I purchased a floral foam small wreath along with silver metallic ribbon. I wrapped the wreath to cover the green.
I had a black velvet Vintage hat from my eBoutique that was seriously damaged and unwearable. I'm no milliner so instead of repairing it to wear I re purposed it into two uses. The first was a fabulous showgirl hairband using the vintage velvet and feathers and the second was my tree topper.

I strung loose faux pearls along thread and attached it to trim the hat. 
I also used silver Christmas tree ornament hooks to secure and anchor some loose pearls to the 'wreath' along with some white feathers. 

Additional Cost: $6

Year 3 (This Year):
Another variation of this DIY tree topper has taken place a top my Christmas tree.

Keeping the original foundation and materials I have added a Vintage 1950's brooch to add some sparkle. I have also incorporated some magenta metallic elements I got on sale at Michaels (70% off holiday decor now!)

Additional cost: $6

For under $20 I have had 3 years of amazing, custom tree toppers.

What top's your tree?

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