Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mi Vida: Frida Clutch

My Clutch and SJP Collection Fawn 70mm

I love to share my style adventures, my DRESScapades and my shoe stories. Today is all about this amazing clutch! 

During my digital tenure on Facebook I have encountered a wide array of artists, creators, dreamers, warriors, haters, and advocates. Karina Hesketh is a true artisan who designs and hand crafts one-of-a-kind clutches and purses of all size, color and print.  I have waited a long time to acquire one of her pieces and its now in my clutches.

The image of Frida on this bag makes me think about life as her runway and it truly was. Frida dressed authentically, defied convention and trends. Her personal style has always been an inspiration. The necklace and bird are taken from her 1940 self portrait "Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird"

The 3-dimensional textural details of the flowers and fringe sealed the deal for me

It is no secret that one of my personal inspirations and SHEro's is Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo. I will have to share my Frida Approved birthday bash details in another post. 

The "Mi Vida" (My life) Frida Kahlo themed clutch was one of a series of 4 she recently created. These are the two still available. $100 GBP plus shipping


Karina has been designing bags since 2007 and creates the most unique pieces!


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