Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Style: Disney Edition

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Gregory Masouras of Greece

I have been enraptured by the fantasy and imagination behind the characters of Walt Disney for many years. I also have been hypnotized by the art form of fashion and personal style as you may have noticed if you read this blog at all or if we have helped to meet for even a micro-second.

When the two worlds collide I am left to imagine how the Disney Princesses and characters may dress if they lived in the here and now, with no footmen, servants or graphic designers hand to craft their signature looks. So many fashion houses and brands have also shared my dream of these princesses and characters stepping into our world as I've seen several collaborating on official merchandise over the past year or so including Marc Jacobs, COACH, Irregular, Unique Vintage, and more. Of course I have purchased pieces from them to add to my collection.

 Here is my Character chic curated vision when High Fashion,Vintage and Disney collide.



Minnie 2.0

Shoe: SJP Collection Fawn in Ochra Satin

 Dress: Vintage LANVIN
Hairband: Evolution Rewind
Shoe: SJP Collection Fawn in Ochre Satin

Cheshire Cat:


Wicked Queen

Shoe: Manolo Blahnik X Vetements

Cruella Deville
Dress/Cape: Evolution Vintage

Belt: Vintage Metallic Braided

Dress: Vintage Gown with Train (wear on front or back)

Dress/Purse: Both Vintage - Evolution Vintage

Dress/Belt: Evolution Vintage
Arrow Cuff: House of Harlow

Dress/Gold Necklace:  Evolution Vintage
Shoes: Miu Miu
Knee Socks: Uniquely Vintage

Skirt: Vintage
Tee: Evolution Vintage Burnout
Shoe: N21

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