Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sole Sister Sunday: 4 Birds & Vintage Shoes

What was once old is always new again in Fashion if you wait long enough. I love Vintage clothing and accessories AND SHOES! For today's Sole Sister feature I turned to my friend, Christy Parent - Owner of 4 Birds Vintage.  She has the most AMAZING collection of Vintage shoe's in her shop (49 Pairs).

I chatted with Christy about her affinity for fashions past and her Sole Sister Status.

Christy wearing a modern remix of vintage & classic modern pieces. A 1930's hand-embroidered peasant blouse, bakelite button earrings from A Blast from the Past, Cartonnier high-waist trouser jeans, bakelite bangles (her thrifted collection), and her 1940's favorite navy platform shoes.

LG: What is your FAV pair of Vintage shoes & why?

CP: My favorite pair of vintage shoes is a 70 year old pair of navy blue suede platform shoes ~ 70+ years old! ~ with high ankle straps & cutouts. I purchased these and six other pairs of 1940's shoes from one owner ~ all in my size and all in fabulous condition. And yes, most of them will never leave my closet!

LG: Where does your love for vintage clothing / style come from?

CP: My love of vintage shoes first began over two years ago when a family shoe store closed its doors after a century in business, and I was able to acquire more than 50 pairs of shoes from the 1890's - 1930's that had been old stock in the shoe store's basement. Most were still in their original boxes with original price tags. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to open the box of 1890's boots and smell new shoes. Handling and photographing that shoe collection was most certainly a highlight for me.

LG:  Tip's for Vintage shoe shoppers?

CP: Handling so many pairs of vintage shoes has made it obvious to me that only the most expensive designer shoes today can rival the quality of most shoes from the 1960's and back. Shoes from the 1950's and earlier are completely handcrafted of high-quality leather ~ kid leather, suede, etc. The soles are leather, the body of the shoes leather, and the shoe linings leather too. Most will be good for another 50 years after a cleaning & a trip to the cobblers for minor repairs for some. A loose or soiled insole, wobbly heel, missing heel tap are all easy fixes by a cobbler. Even though I can't afford designer shoes, I can afford a small bill from the cobbler.

To find a fabulous pair of vintage shoes that fits your personal style and size, I recommend measuring a similar pair of shoes that fits you well to get an accurate idea of the length and width of your foot. Most shoes from the 1950's onward are labeled with a size, but shoes earlier than the 1950's are often not marked, so measurements are a must.

Some of the FAB selections from her shop. Exclusive to Evolution Revolution Readers: 
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What's your FAV pair of Vintage shoes??? 

My Picks from Evolution Vintage

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