Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sole Sister Sunday: Shinnovation by Kobi Levi

I am loving this weekly shoe feature which feeds my personal obsession with all things footwear.  The best part for me is the collection of knowledge and having the ability to pass it on.  In my travels I came across a real Shinnovator (Nope not a real word but means: Shoe Innovator) in designer Kobi Levi of Tel Aviv Isreal.

The designs are creative and quirky statement pieces that are "Shoe Surrealism".  From coffee pots to cartoons, art can imitate life on your feet for a price, a hefty price. He translates his inspiration literally in his shoes.

His nod to Madonna's Blond Ambition

An Ode to Olive Oyl



Sling Shot Sandal (2009/2010)

His Unique boots were worn by Lady Ga Ga in the "Born This Way" Video

My FAV's

Which designs are your FAV?  Are you bold enough to wear Kobi's Shoe Art?

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