Tuesday, March 5, 2013

All Hail McQueen

All Images: Gianni Pucci for GoRunway.com

I have always loved the house of McQueen and was both shocked and saddened when he passed away. I am thrilled, however with the exquisite vision and design still being produced by the creative director (Sarah Burton) and her team for the House of McQueen, not all design houses are not so lucky to survive and thrive in this way.

The collection for FALL 2013 was so inspiring to me. VOGUE.com Said "fashion is about that moment when, what you are seeing before you is so magically transportative that you catch your breath, then forget to breathe out; that it goes beyond any kind of cerebral comprehension and instead causes an intense and instant emotional connection." 

This is exactly how I feel about the art of fashion in general but was transported into this state with just 10 looks of this highly inspired and detailed collection.  Insert my Queenly laughter at the moment when someone balks at the notion that fashion is a serious art form.  Not all 10 looks are featured here but I'm sure you can get the idea. The details are so beautiful.
P.S.:  I want these

and these ...

All Hail McQueen ... I wonder who will be bold enough to ware any of these exquisite pieces on a red carpet or event? I'm excited to see. Royal Wave Required.

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