Saturday, March 16, 2013


Christy Turlington - VOGUE 1990

I recently did a make-up trial which was featured here on the BLOG. I wore a 90-esque thick headband to pull my hair back and feature my face and the makeup. I was not sure if it felt chic again or if I looked like I was about t wash my face, until I saw the black and white image.
I realized I was totally channeling Lady Miss Kier of Deee Lite and it brought me back to the 1990's when being a BANDit was still SO CHIC. I was so influenced during the 1990's when designers did their spin on the 1960's and THIS was one of the key looks/accessories.
Lady Miss Kier 1990's

CHANEL Fall 1990/91
*The ultimate quilted headband*
 Linda Evangelista for VOGUE Italia 1990
              Helena Christensen CHANEL Runway 90

Other Icocnic BANDit's from the 90's
Linda Evangelista & Christy Turlington - VOGUE editorial 1990's

Groove is in the HEART ~ Lady Kier 1990's Does 60's

Christy Turlington - Spet 1990 - Image: Arthur Elgort

"Donna Martin" in 90210
"Cher" in Clueless
Naomi Campbell as a blonde - c 1990's

The Original Chic BANDit - Actress and Fashion Icon Brigitte Bardot, 1960's

I am ready to personally become a full time BANDit again and bring this look back. I think it has waited long enough.

Would you rock a thick headband? do a 2013 twist on a 90's does 60's look? You could cover 3 decades with one accessory. Why not?

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