Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rockin Legs n' Abs: My Review

So a hurricane hit my house about 2 weeks ago, in the form of a DVD. Pole professional and Australian 2012 Pole Champion Cleo the Hurricane created a literal kick ass workout DVD for those of us who want to strengthen our core and legs, become more flexible and challenge ourselves.

I was totally apprehensive to start this program as it was clear after watching the first 30 seconds of the DVD just how out of shape I am. She does a ROCKIN pole routine at the beginning that is a true jaw dropper. Cleo is a pole master but is quick to remind you that even she was not always this flexible and fit.  So in my crazy bull in a china shop way I dove right in.

Watch the Trailer:
As I sit here and type I'm in my workout gear ready to do it all over again.  I feel REALLY challenged but I keep pressing on. The leg circles and butt crunches are wild!! I have done the workout from beginning to end (Run time approx 1 hour) 7 times and I can honestly say I can already FEEL the difference.  Each time I do it I can stretch a wee bit lower and longer. I have a little less of a struggle with some of the moves. If you are committed and keep pushing forward this will help you sculpt your body into something you never thought possible.
It has a ROCKIN soundtrack and Cleo gives great guidance through the routine. What I thought was unique about it was you stop to stretch several times as the DVD progresses which I have never seen. Usually you warm up and stretch after, during Rockin' Legs and Abs you stretch as you strengthen. AWESOME!
This is not my only workout. I combine this with my LaBlast Routine. Louis Van Amstel (Dance Champion & Dancing With the Stars Cast Member) created an amazing and fun dance fitness routine which has 5 levels as you advance. The combo of Cleo and Louis  is perfect and custom to my fitness and flexibility goals and body. 

Cleo's DVD is not just for pole dancers either. It is very versatile with many applications.  My husband works out more than anyone I know. He is an avid surfer and mountain incline runner.  He and his six pack LOVE this DVD as it is challenging and brings results.  The flexibility and strength will help him in both his surfing and incline running. His review: I am so "Stoked" and Cleo is SO "Gnarly". Every woman I know complains about their problem areas, and they are always the same: Stomach, thighs and ass. This DVD really targets all of these areas.

Are you ready to Rock your body into a Flexi-Fab state?

You can also purchase some Rock N Roll Fitness gear as seen in the DVD. These Flexi-Fabs are WERKing it out in 80's Rock fit gear style a-la- David Lee Roth with  a current edge! 
Pictured: Daisy of The Peach Pole Studio (Far L) - Cleo Center  - Stacey Minx (R) (Suzie Q Pole Studio)

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And who wouldn't be Rockin' it in a Leopard Slingshot Leotard? MEOW!
Pictured: Cleo (L) & Daisy of The Peach Pole Studio (R)

THANK YOU Cleo for this digital gift.  
My husband and I are both excited (for different reasons) to be able to do the full splits and to build strength and become more toned!

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