Friday, September 30, 2016

New Moon

Paper Moon Pin-up

A new moon in tropical Libra which to me is a sign of a new beginning, a new adventure and a re-boot of sorts. Take the time this weekend to rest and absorb all that you left on the field of life this week. Sometimes our lives are just so full that a day (or two) is in order to process everything.

MysticMamma shares this, "Whatever it is, this New Moon plants the seeds for increased stability and cooperation in some aspect of your life. Mercury’s retrograde cycle is now over. Perhaps you’ve encountered some setbacks in the past few weeks. But it’s also possible that those setbacks served to gift you with a different perspective.'

Reading this coupled with the wisdom of  Dr. Trent (read her blog feature HERE)

 "Don’t let the current challenges despair you — sometimes it is the ugliness of our environment that propels us towards our greatness." TT

 It looks like we are all in for a fabulous week ahead celestial creatures, because regardless of our current environments it is all a matter of perspective!

Happy Friday & New Moon

Actress Hedy Lamarr

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