Saturday, September 3, 2016

Style Saturday: September

Top Left: Vintage Skirt
Bottom Left: Vintage Dress
Bottom Right: Vintage Top and Clutch

September is here and another new season is on the horizon. Because of my current geographical location in California I can honestly say my closet functions on a completely "seasonless" basis. I am Canadian born and raised so wearing a t-shirt in January in California is NOT "winter" to me. As the sun sets on summer many of you are starting a transition from a summer to fall wardrobe and color pallet.

This dress is my FAVORITE transitional piece:
The gorgeous ruffled dress boasts the mustard and earth tones of fall but the sheer lightness and metallic's of summer. The silk midi-length dress has the most exquisite print, micro pleating and tiered ruffled skirt (lined). The garment is so light it is like dancing on air. It comes with a matching fabric belt as well and gold metallic threading throughout.

I specialize in re-styling fashions past current and this was a really fun look. The model is wearing the Vintage Dress, Vintage Gold Tone Lion Necklace, The House of Kat Swank contemporary beaded hairband and current Anne Klein pumps. 

Fabric Detail

The other model in the lush burgundy look will be featured in an upcoming blog.

*Images (models): Thomas Fowler
*Makeup: Hanna Fisher

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