Monday, October 23, 2017

DSAM: Danny & Sandy

In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month I teamed up with my friend Nicole to do a cute themed shoot of our children Blake (6) and Amelia (4). With Halloween just around the corner we channeled one of our favorite musicals, GREASE!

There are so many misconceptions about our kids still exists in our society and it is my hope that through advocacy, education and visibility people can start to shift their focus from our children's "Disability" to their ability. Let's start celebrating differences!

Is having a child with Down Syndrome challenging, difficult and sometimes hard? YES

Is having children challenging, difficult and sometimes hard? YES

Is it worth all of the struggles, effort and challenges for our children with Down Syndrome? 1,000 X YES!

Is raising children worth all of the struggles, effort and challenges? 1,000 X YES

See where I'm going with this .....

Our two little on set diva's were challenging to wrangle and capture on camera but the results were well worth it, just like them!

Nicole, Amelia's mom said "Amelia has the same wants and needs as any other 4 year old. Being Amelia's mom has given my life a purpose and has fulfilled me in ways I didn't think possible. She is also just a kid!"

The most famous lyric in the film, "You're the one that I want" Is perfect for our children with and without Down Syndrome. Obviously a different context but I have to say nothing could be more appropriate on Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Blake is exactly the son I want and the son I never knew I needed. He has made me a better human and mother.

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