Friday, July 19, 2013

A JUMP Start


My closet is an eclectic mix of shapes, colors, textures and decades. Of all of the pieces I have a soft spot when for a Jumpsuit when I dress.  I have several and am always on the hunt for really special pieces. When you have this fashion moment it can Jump Start you to a whole other style dimension.  The Jumpsuit has a history of over 90 years. The tricky part about this one piece wonder is the fit in the 'crotch' - getting an accurate waist-crotch measurement will sincerely help you if in an on-line quest for a jumpsuit. The word  “Jumpsuit” originated from the utilitarian, one piece garments worn by aviators and parachutists, hence the word 'jump'. It came to represent any garment that was one piece with arms and legs, used by astronauts, mechanics, women workers in WWII, race car drivers to rock stars and some of the most stylish women on the planet as the garment evolved.

According to VOGUE (Italia) the Jumpsuit made it's debut in 1919 as a futuristic garment cut from one pieces of material (African Canvas), a Russian designer followed suit in 1923 with the famous designer Elsa Schiaparelli in the early 1930's designed them, like this one that is now at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
In America the jumpsuit was a functional garment for women starting in WWI (1914-1918) who were working in the factories.

This jump start caused the suit to evolve into the current and chic piece that it is today.  You can see the jumpsuit through fashion history as both a functional and fashionable garment. 

A-la 'Rosie the Riveter' women during WWII (1939-1945) wore utilitarian work one piece jumpsuits in factories across North America. The functional side of the jumpsuit:
Workers in Boeing Plant during WWII

It was worn through the 1930's also in a fashionable cpacity.
The late 30's-1940's gal took to the beach in her jumpsuit as beach / lounge wear. 
Bette Davis in Swimsuit / Joan Blondell in beach suit

                                                            Elizabeth Taylor


Helmet Newton Image - 1966

The jumpsuit made a HUGE resurgence in the 1970's and 1980's

VOGUE 1971
Jerry Hall

 Gianni Versace Jeweled and Bell bottom suits!
S/S 1991


 Gwen & Iman
MYTH: Jumpsuits are only for tall girls. WRONG: They can be worn by all women regardless of shape or size. The correct cut, draping and fit for your body type is the only issue. Waist/Crotch measurement needs to be accurate. Avoiding the dreaded camel-toe is key!
SJP in Elie Saab2013

Miley Cyrus
GQ 2011

Petra Nemkova

 Rachel Zoe

Vogue Italia 2010

Are You ready for your JUMP start?


  1. Thank you for renewing interest in the Jumpsuit which I just Love!!!