Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nail It: Jamberry

I have the sincere pleasure of spending most Monday evenings with two of my best friends; we chat, chow and do nails. Well by WE I mean my gal pal Jensine. She is kind enough to give us AMAZING manicures. During a recent Manicure Monday we were able to try Jamberry nail wraps. 

First let me say that they have a selection that is vast and second to non in the nail wrap biz! I loved that they have Jr Jam's for the little ones, like my 5 year old diva daughter. Check out the selection HERE

Not available in stores girls, you have to purchase your Jams via a sales representative. In my case, contact Amanda Willson. She hooked me up with these coll White/Grey/Black print. 
I always keep my nails natural and short. A print always looks good on shorter nails so don't distress ladies if your nails are on the short side.

My friends each had accent nails in a print.

Sydney Said: "I loved the huge assortment of colors and patterns, so cute! The cherry pattern I tried was adorable! I didn't find them to last as long as I hoped, but that could have been user error-I think using the dryer they offer may be the key. I'd definitely be interested in trying a whole set in the future."
Jensine Said: "I don't feel 100% confident giving a review since I enjoyed a full day of water park activities the day after applying the two test nails. I was impressed with the multitude of designs that Jamberry has to offer. I was excited to see so many animal prints, which I am crazy about! I applied the decals for two of my friends and while using a blow drier (in lieu of a Jamberry decal heater) I had to be careful not to burn them but use enough heat so that they would adhere completely. I don't know if it was a lack of heat or the long soaks in chlorinated water that caused my decals to lift the next day. Bottom line: I'd give Jamberry decals another shot!"

How it all works:
You must purchase your Jamberry Wraps from a Consultant OR if you have some time and LOVE nails you can become a consultant

You can Host a PARTY

They come in SHEETS, $15/ea  - 18 wraps will do 2-3 full sets!!

No smell, no chemical, no animal testing

VARIETY (over 200+ Designs in wraps, shields, glitter and more)

Apply with heat; Jamberry sells a dryer or use a hair dryer (which is what we did)

After 10 days of by busy mom lifestyle my nails looked like THIS:
I have my hands constantly in water, washing dishes and clothing, wiping baby butts and cleaning my home. I also run a business where I'm typing and working with my hands. I saw the standard wear that I expected. They did last longer than the Sally Salon Effect alternative.

I would try Jamberry again for sure. 
If you want to try BUY 3 NOW and get one FREE! The value is there as well as the selection. Reach out to Amanda to order. She will ship all over the USA and has told me Canadians can start jammin' SEPT 1st

Will you Nail it with Jamberry?

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