Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kahlo's Kloset: Inspired

I have always been drawn to wild prints, unique textiles, over the top jewelry and headpieces/hats.  Recently my affinity for these things makes me think a lot of one of my SHEro's: Frida Kahlo. Fashion is just another way I have always felt connected to her.  I always admired her style as the only rules she adhered to were those of her own creation. 
She was very multi-faceted and her style ran the gamut from androgynous to historically haute, wearing traditional dresses/costumes of Mexico. She celebrated her heritage at a time when it was not so chic to do so and her counterparts in Mexico were heavily influenced by European fashion trends of the 1920's and 30's.
She also celebrated who she was, in a raw way by choosing not to remove her facial hair or mono brow. She spent a lot of time alone due to the physical aftermath of a teenage accident and lifetime of associated health concerns. She expressed herself and feelings through not only her passionate paintings but her adornment as well (clothing/accessories)

I wanted to showcase some of Frida's looks and how she STILL influences fashion.  If you want to see her Kloset LIVE you have time to get to Mexico before the exhibition closes on November 22, 2013.
Her parade of long, traditional Mexican dresses was three fold based on my research.  She, always a rebel loved to wear the traditional Tehuana 'costumes' as a non verbal announcement of her leftist identification with the underclass (she had Communist views), also as a symbol of power and will as according to legend Tehuana women were the real figures of authority in their society. Diego (her husband and love of her life) adored this traditional dress. She also wished to hide one of her legs that was atrophied and underdeveloped due to a bout of Polio at age 6.
Her accessories were as bold and bright as her garments and I read somewhere that you could 'hear" Frida coming before you could see her due to the layered necklaces and bracelets. Her styling philosophy was obviously 'more is more' and did not shy away from wearing fist fulls of rings, stacks of necklaces or multiple flowers and ribbons atop her head.

Photo: Miguel Tovar
Necklaces - C. 1932 On display

Her influence on fashion remains strong today with MANY fashion editorials styled in the spirit of Kahlo. Her style has definitely had an impact on me.

 A hand made Vintage dress a-la-Frida. PURCHASE

 Gwen very Frida Fab!

Images: Fredrik Wannerstedt for DV Mode 

 Monica Bellucci - March 2013 Harpers Bazaar Ukraine

 Claudia Schiffer, German VOGUE, Photographed by Karl Lagerfeld

Giovanna Battaglia in Dolce andGabbana FW13 at MET Gala

Does FRIDA Inspire you?
Let Kahlo inspire your 'Kloset'

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