Sunday, July 21, 2013

Soul Sunday: A Better Life

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My husband as an avid surfer. He finds his spiritual time in nature, especially the Ocean. To the degree that I subscribe to fashion publications he has a subscription to all Surfing publications. He recently received the most recent and sadly the TransWorld Surf magazine. On the inside cover they printed this:
final issue of

A homeless man gave this piece of paper to an Australian surfer named Creed McTaggart. He told TransWorld that this was one of his most prize possessions and I wanted to make good on #38 "Share this with someone!" So you, dear reader are the luck recipient of these 37 AMAZING tips for a better life.

None of this requires wealth, status or a specific geographical location. Just an open mind and heart. Want a better life? 

In 37 steps a random homeless man can help you achieve it.

1) Take a 10 minute walk everyday and SMILE!
2) Sit silent for at least 10 minutes

3) Sleep for 7 hours
4) Live with Energy, Enthusiasam and Empathy (YIPPEE)

5) Play more games

6) Read More Books
7) Practice Meditation, Yoga and Pray
8) Spend time with 70+  plus and 6 minus (Oldies & Youngies)

9) Dream while you are awake

10) Eat foods that grow
11 )Drink WATER

12) Make 3 people smile a day

13) Don't waste precious energy on gossip

14) Forget past issues

15) Don't have negative thoughts, stay present. It's all about the NOW!

16) Life is a school, learn

17) Eat Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar

18) Smile and Laugh
19) Don't hate others

20) Don't take yourself or anyone too seriously

21) Agree to disagree

22) Make peace with your past

23) Don't compare your path to others

24) No one, except you is in charge of your happiness

25) Forgive everyone for everything
26) What others think of you is non of your business

27) However GOOD or BAD a situation is it will CHANGE

28) Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Stay in touch with friends
29) Get rid of everything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful!

30) Envy is a waste of time you have everything you need

31) The best is yet to come

32) No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, and show up!
33) Do the right thing

34) Call your family often

35) Your inner most is always happy so BE HAPPY!
36) Each day give something good to others

37) Don't overdo it, know your limits

*38) Share this with someone!

The goal for me is to practice some of this, a lot of the time until I can do all of this, all of the time.

What will you put into practice today??

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