Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Style Knows No Age

I always hear women complain about getting older. We are all guilty of it. Looking in the mirror in disbelief at the newest grey hair or fine line. We use lotions, potions and plastic surgeons to help us avoid what is inevitable going to befall ALL of us no matter how many face lifts, botox injections and firming night creams we use. 

Thankfully there is a stylish silver lining to accompany those sexy silver hairs; Personal Style and Fashion.  A while ago I came across a blog called Advanced Style. It showcases and celebrates stylish women who are advanced in age but have sacrificed nothing in the way of Style.
A published book of the same name by author/blogger Ari Seth Cohen (2012) is a treat for the eyes and an inspiration to me. I want to be these women when I grow up. These ladies with their fabulous jewelry, haute hats, lush fabrics and have great tailors.

 100 and FABULOUS!

Stylish Couple
 A colouring book with some images from Advanced Style is set for release on September 3, 2013 (Pre-Order HERE) Celebrating Stylish Seniors. A perfect gift for a child (young and old) to enjoy and act as a teaching tool. Teaching respect and that Style knows no age!

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