Monday, March 5, 2012

All Mixed Up: Animal Floral Fusion

What I sincerely love about fashion is your vast array of options. The only limit is the 2 C's - your personal CREATIVITY and CONFIDENCE. some women fall in love with looks but claim not to have the confidence to "pull it off". I personally beg to differ; if you can DREAM IT you can DO IT, or in this case wear it.

I love to mix and match colours, prints, and textiles. One of my latest obsessions is an Animal/Floral fusion.

The mixture of A floral print with an animal print or element. Mixing Pansies and python or Lillie's and leopard the colors and combo's are truly endless. Make sure all the animal elements are FAUX! Wearing your own skin is important. Opt for Fake Skin or Mock Crock. All the faux fur textiles are so realistic there are no excuses not to be compassionate and CHIC!

Have you used these two elements to mix it up before?

Here are a few inspirations I love:

Dolce & Gabbana
See Maegan's entire LOOK HERE
Eva Mendes
Giselle for Roberto Cavalli

Evolution Vintage Version:

Get The Look ((For $65))

It even exists in nature. Did you know there is a Leopard Flower?

Known as: Iris domestica which is a flowering perennial of Chinese origin and is locally used in Chinese villages for its medicinal values. The dried rhizome has long been used in East Asia to treat throat troubles, asthma, swollen liver and spleen, gonorrhea, malaria, and arrow poisoning.

Now there is no excuse not to at least try Animal Floral Fusion .. it's only natural!


  1. Great feature and great vintage dress! Thanks for including me :)

  2. My pleasure! Thanks for checking it out XO