Thursday, March 8, 2012

WOMEN: Let's Stand Together

In celebration of International Women's Day I wanted to discuss how more WOMEN should celebrate WOMEN. Although our patriarchal society is largely responsible for our repression over the course of history, women also should be held accountable for their roles. We have made AMAZING progress over the years with with respect to Equality, Reproductive Rights, in the work place, and on a global scale. I feel, we as women should be allies and not competitors and could do better for each other. The mysogynistc undertones still exist across the globe when women deal with various forms of discrimination, degeneration, violence and abuse (largely from men) but women are also culpable to some degree.

The time is NOW to truly stand together in the sisterhood we all share. We have unique challenges and responsibilities as women and should be there as a supportive force to one another, not just today but every day.

In a world of uncertainty, here is what I can CONFIRM:


* Capable
* Worthy
* Unique
* Beautiful

When is the last time you helped out a female friend for no reason? or told another women that they have been an inspiration for you? do you support female owned businesses? or told someone you know they are beautiful? or a good mother? or applauded a female counterpart for what she has accomplished?

Lets celebrate WOMEN today and all that we have done and continue to do to better ourselves and our world. As a giant global team we can make the changes needed to liberate women all over the world to feel truly empowered and inspired and help each other to live up to our full potentials. The change in attitude and action starts with each one of US.

My top 2 Inspirational Women of the year:

Christy Turlington - Model, Mother, Film Maker and Women's Right Activist: Maternal Health -via Every Mother Counts. Her documentary and work abroad has and is continuing to make a difference in the lives of women and mothers everywhere.

Loren Ridinger: Business Woman, Mother, Jewelry Designer, who is on a relentless digital-quest to inspire women and empower them to be the best they can be, in business and otherwise.

‎"Inside of you is a smart, powerful, dynamic, capable, self-confident, alive, alert, fabulous woman! Let her come out and play. The world is waiting for you." - Louise L. Hay

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