Monday, March 26, 2012

Get Waisted ~ With Glitter

I love accessories, shoes, scarves, cocktail rings, cuffs AND BELTS! the last time I "got waisted" was with a mix of scarves, belts and ties to add drama to your mid section. This time it is with GLITTER.

Designer Christine Brown of GLITZY GLAMOURLOU has created the most amazing Bow Belts that I feel compelled to share with those of you who share my obsession with sparkle!

If you are also as obsessed with Fashion reality TV as I am you may recognize Christine from the Bravo TV Series "Mad Fashion"

Back to the Glitzy GLAM bow belts; How does she do it? They are made from FAUX Alligator materials and secured with a double snap. They come in a variety of colours and would GLAM up any little black dress! Sizes Range from XS (23-24") - XL (31-32"). She also takes CUSTOM orders if you require a larger size to accent your fabulous curves!

I chatted with Christine recently about her creations;

LISA: What inspires you to design?

CHRISTINE: Getting to be in control of every part of the process is what inspires me to design. When I buy something off the rack there's always something that I wish I could change, I may love the silhouette but the fabric feels cheap or the color is not right. By being the designer I get to make sure all those things are exactly how I want them to be, which means I get my one of a kind dream dress every time:)

LISA: Where does your passion for GLITZ come from?

CHRISTINE: I was born with a passion for glitz! I'm always wearing something glitzy. It makes me feel polished.

LISA: Are all your belts hand made?

CHRISTINE: Yes, all my bow belts are handmade by me :)

LISA: Tell us about your other collections.

CHRISTINE: I like to create mini collections because I think they're more fun. My very first collection "Pretty Pretty Princess" consisted of bright, frilly, party dresses with lots of tulle and LOTS of rhinestones. My second collection "Let Them Eat Cake" was inspired by Marie Antoinette and the the pastel colors seen throughout Versaille. In order to create the very structural silhouettes, I made the fabric by layering different vinyls together and I hand painted the lace with pearlized pastel paints to give it a rich look. I used lots of spray glitter, pearls and rhinestones to really make it shimmer and I had roses and butterflies made from the fabric I had created to use as embellishments. (This has been favorite collection so far!) My last collection " Mommy and Me" consisted of colorful matching shift dresses for women, children and dogs. I wore most of these in season one of Mad Fashion and my puppy "Babs" made her debut in one as well!

LISA: If you had one piece of STYLE advice for my readers what would it be?

CHRISTINE: My one piece of style advice is to have things altered. It makes such a huge difference!

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