Friday, March 16, 2012

On The Case: POMP Jewelry

I am ALWAYS on the hunt for fabulous jewelry and accessories. High or low end, costume or fine I am an equal opportunity offender and am always on the case. I have recently came across a line of jewelry called POMP designed by actress Sharon Case (AKA Sharon Newman of the Young & The Restless) & Stylist (also for Y&R) Elif Inanc.
The line was initially sold via QVC but is now offered exclusively through their website. They define POMP as "Splendor, Magnificence, Pageantry, grandeur, brilliance, drama. Slang for Pompadour, the very fashionable mistress of Louis XV"

With new pieces being added all the time the collection consists of necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets.

Brilliantly the design duo showcases the POMP pieces on the show as Sharon Newman rocks them around Genoa City! (Thanks to The Young & The Stylish Blog for the Images)
The Silk Cord Bracelet ($9.95), Silver Key Pendant ($29.95) & Silver Star Hoop Earrings ($29.95) are ALL available at POMP

My FAV piece? The Starfish Pendant!
I had the chance to chat with the co-designer/Creator of POMP Sharon Case about her collection;

LISA: What inspired you to create a line of jewelry?

SHARON: I have always loved fashion as does my business partner and best friend Elif Inanc. Elif is a stylist on The Young and the Restless. We wanted to go into business together so we decided to create POMP Jewelry.

LISA: Do you design each piece? if so where does your inspiration come from?

SHARON: Yes we do design each piece. We take our inspiration from the trendy colors of each season and from other classic designs we have always admired.

LISA: What is your FAV piece and why?

SHARON: My favorite pieces are the Pearl Earrings and the Pearl Ring. I have always loved pearls!
LISA: Is your line still sold on QVC? or just your website?

SHARON: We have sold out of our entire inventory on QVC and we are no longer selling there. All of the pieces in our current line are brand new designs.

LISA: When can my readers expect new pieces? Do you design each season?

SHARON: We will be adding to our collection periodically. In fact, we added another brand new design just this week, the Evil Eye Pendant. There will be more new released this spring!

LISA: What are your "go to" pieces of jewelry?

SHARON: The pieces I wear most often are the Hoops and the Diamond Drop earrings. These are everyday "go to" pieces that go with anything I wear, day or night.

LISA: If you had one piece of STYLE advice (as it pertains to jewelry) for women what would it be?

SHARON: Jewelry is what makes any outfit shine. Whether dressed up for cocktails, the office, or just wearing your jeans, a little bit of the right jewelry makes all the difference.

Are you full of POMP & ceremony? I know I am, especially for great pieces and nothing over $40! Excited for spring to see the new pieces ladies!

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