Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So Glovely

I am totally in love with the Patricia Field Half gloves ($48) I purchased as a Pre-Christmas gift to myself. I love to go to her website for a treat now and then. 
So for Spring/Summer I have to say the most GLOVELY thing is fingerless gloves.

Any fashionsita knows that as of late design genius Karl Lagerfeld has been King of the gloves and been rocking them down the runway since about 2002/2003. Post dramatic weight loss he changed his signature look and added the gloves.
I am in LOVE with the CHANEL fingerless gloves in black and white!

And even thumbless they are super CHIC!

Rianna is SO GLOVELY in these too

Can afford the CC pair? Don't worry once again Pat Field has something for all you GLOVERs out there.


  1. How could you not feel fierce in these? I love too that there's a whole range of options down to cheap & cheerful that look just as great. I have a robin's egg blue pair of fingerless gloves with a black sequin bow. Have to say, paired with my capelet... I feel pretty polished!

  2. Ooooh. I would love to see a photo of that look. The blue gloves sound FAB! I totally love gloves and would be a happy chic camper to get my mitts on the Chanel fingerless ones a la Madonna :)