Tuesday, December 18, 2012


With mere days between me and Christmas Day I was in Decor Distress. I did not feel like I had enough and required something else to add to my "decking the halls"details.  My tree this year has a pearl garland and DIY ornaments complete with loose pearls and feathers. I wanted something cohesive to add to the overall display.  On-line I found a fabulous idea perfect for my festive table; Pearls suspended in water gels.

There are several ways you can do this depending on your decor. You can use a vase, jars or a giant punch bowl! You can float candles or use for a floral arrangement. The only limit here is your imagination.  The pears (and there are also crystals) are available in a whole host of sizes and colours. You can even get waterproof LED lights for your display

I opted for traditional black and white as it was appropriate for my decor.

The company: Vase Pearlfection can supply you with everything you need for your creation.

What you need:

* Water Gels ($3 + shipping)

* Water

*Pearls and/or Crystals ( I chose Black & White) - $6 + shipping

*Candles or Flowers (Size will depend on your vase or container -  I got a dozen (12) in white  for $14.99 + Shipping)

Don't panic, your gels will come with instructions. Here is the short version:

1) Select your container. I used a vase I had on hand.  Be creative and use anything glass - jars, glasses for a smaller scale or a large glass bowl!  
* I used 8 cups of water per my 1 pack of tiny water gel beads.

2) Let them soak for 12-14 hours and watch them expand. Room Temp water helps this process go along faster.
3) Drain off excess water and place in a separate container.
4) Put some back in and start to place your pearls. Layer expanded gel's and pearls until you have reached the desired amount and location of your pearls.
5) Once it is full again with the gels and the pearls replace some of the water. (TIP: Place ONE drop of bleach in water to prevent algae or discolouration over time)

6) Place your candle on top (or flowers inside if that is what you are using)
Place on your table as a centerpiece or around your home!

Will you try one? What will you use? Tell me in the comments below!

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