Friday, December 7, 2012

Button Up: Craft Time

In my travels I am always coming across buttons. I see them by the jar in thrift stores, available in fabric stores and loose in drawers. I always sit and dream of ways to use them other than sewing them back onto a garment.

I had a peek on-line and here are a few of my FAV uses for loose buttons. Everything can be RE-Styled in some way.

Create your own clock using buttons. 

Because it is almost Christmas why not  create a festive clock using a metallic plate charger, buttons and a clock motor kit? Maybe some festive ribbon to hang the clock? VOILA - A Fabulous Festive Gift, hand crafted!
Charger: I saw some at the dollar store (Buy here in all colors for $1.59) or you can go  high end.
Clock Motor Kit ($2.00-$20.00)

Other Button Brilliance:
 You can also choose a Jar or jars smaller or that suits your decor.

 I think this is genius for a child's room, crafting studio or somewhere unique in your home.

A festive edition to your home and a great use for that old rake in your garage! Be as creative as you want and don't just stop at buttons!

I blogged before about Brooches and their many Fashionable and Functional uses. In the spirit of the season I want to share this:
Craft a tree using brooches and buttons using a colored theme. This would also make an amazing gift that can be displayed every holiday or all year round!

What you need:
*Brooches & Buttons and other materials (EX: broken jewelry)
*Craft Paper, wrapping Paper or Fabric for the background
*Glue (type will depend on the backing you use - paper/fabric)
*Trim for the frame (or you could leave it plain) - Crafting Pearls by the yard are available.
*Creativity and a dash of imagination!

What else can you button?? 
Share in the comments below.

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