Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Royal WAVE

Hair ~ a constant creative challenge. We literally have everything at our fingertips with a million DIY hair tutorials online. A quick trip to the salon can also be a transformative experience. A cut, color, and a scalp massage does wonders for your self esteem and current mental state. Some of my most relaxing afternoons have been spent at a salon, which I think any busy woman can attest too. What to do when there is no time or $ for the salon experience? take matters into your own hands, literally!

My current state of aHair's is: black, straight and long.

I recently discovered Conair's YOU Wave Ultra styling tool.
Check out their DEMO Video HERE

Price: $39-49 (On sale NOW for $19 at SEARS
411: 3 Barrel Ceramic Styler. Preventing hot spots.
Styling Time: Approx.15 minutes is all you need to achieve mermaid-esque waves.
 SPLASH 80's Throwback Waves

with my husband and daughter

Fashion FYI: No one does a wave look better than model Naomi Campbell. She is modelling royalty and ROCKS this look. 
 Red Carpet Royal Wave
Naomi on set of her NEW show The Face (Airs in Feb on Oxygen)

Will you 'doo' the Royal WAVE?
Share your thoughts and photos below!

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