Sunday, December 23, 2012

Santa Berry

This Christmas I have been on creative FIRE. I am so very far from home (My native Ontario, Canada) and miss my family the most at this time of year. I have managed to keep myself busy by crafting, baking, shopping and wrapping.

My daughter has her Pre-School Christmas Concert last week and I felt compelled to whip up a festive treat for the kids and parents.  I can only partially take credit for the creation as the Strawberry Santa's I saw on-line somewhere, but the winter wonderland scene was all my own.

This would make an amazing edition to any Christmas Eve event or Christmas day treat table. Fun for the kids to help make and eat!

What you need for Santa:
*Strawberries (1lb or more)
*Creamed Cheese (You can substitute Whip Cream too) - 1 pkg
*Powdered Sugar (3-4 TBSP or to taste)
*Vanilla Extract (1 Tsp or to taste)
*Candies (something for the eyes)

Clean and prep the berries. I cut mine in half. larger on the bottom leaving the pointed top for the hat.

Mix Softened cream cheese, powdered sugar and vanilla in a bowl. I used a tea spoon to add a dollop of the mixture on the strawberry base and add the hat.

You can decorate by adding candied eyes (I had left over sprinkles from Halloween Cookies & Cakes), you can add a tiny dollop on top for a pom-pom, I used tiny "pearl" candies for buttons by pressing them into the strawberry base.
If you have time and are extra crafty you can mould the cream cheese mixture into little beards :)
(I alternated colored eyes too)

I also started to set the scene with powdered sugar as "snow"

The Scene - What you need:
* Serving Tray
*Shaved Coconut
*Maraschino Cherries
*Candy Canes (Number depending on tray size)
*Orange (1)

I wanted a focal point of my tray to scream CHRISTMAS and what better way than a giant tree.  I cut the top off of a fresh pineapple and used it for the tree center. You could use the excess pineapple for Santa Stands or make little benches for your strawberry santas or gifts under the tree. I was in a pinch for time so I used it in my next day breakfast smoothie (that's a whole other blog).
Dust the ground and tree with the shredded coconut "snow" and decorate the "tree" - I used the cherries, marshmallows and sliced oranges for the top! You can use any fruits or candies that you want.
I trimmed out the tray with candy canes, unwrapped of course and ready for the kids to snag and savour.

TIME: approx 30min


What is your FAV holiday dish to bring to parties or events?

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