Friday, December 28, 2012

RING in the New Year

FYI: Vogue Gioiello was founded in 1980, and is published five times a year in Italian/English.  The magazine is devoted to the design and production of fine jewellery, goldsmithing and watchmaking. 

RINGS are on of my FAV accessories. There is nothing like a fabulous piece of finger bling to take your look up a notch or at least start a random style conversation while going about your day in public.

My taste in rings is all about the DESIGN, not the price tag. I have an instant attraction to Vintage pieces but other than fine estate jewels, I found it hard to source substantial cocktail rings that were authentically Vintage. 
I created my own RE-Styled line of rings, housed in the Evolution REWIND accessory division. I use authentic vintage brooches and re-style them into fabulous contemporary cocktail rings. Thus, REWIND Rings were born.
Ever wonder where the term "Cocktail Ring" came from?
During the prohibition era (1920's) it became socially acceptable for women to drink, smoke and touch up their makeup in public. They would attend private/secret "cocktail parties" and adorn their fingers with what is now known as a cocktail ring. By definition it is a large ring that would attract attention when the wearer tipped their cocktail to take a drink. 
Cocktail rings were/are constructed from both costume and fine gems/materials. In the 1940's and 1950's they re surged in popularity as the Cocktail Party became a popular social event.  They are STILL a fabulous accessory both high and low end. I personally believe that ANY event is cocktail ring appropriate; parties, grocery shopping, dinner and more.
Will you rock a statement or "cocktail" ring as you RING in the New Year?

A Few of my Fav's, all price ranges, era's and materials! There are SO MANY I could share. I will do so via follow up posts and feature stones, designers and styles. There is literally something for everyone in price point and design.
 Vintage Art Deco - 9k gold ~ $265

REWIND Panther Ring ~ $110

VintageTurquoise Costume Cocktail Ring ~ $16

Vintage Coral Cabochon Ring ~ $40

REWIND Mauve Oval Filigree Ring ~ $60

Treat yourself and RING in the New Year in STYLE!


  1. I LOVE cocktail rings and have a large collection. Such a fabulous way to customize any outfit or add flare that may otherwise be lacking. You may not feel bold enough to rock a loud or 'out there' outfit, but throwing on a ring is usually in everyone's comfort zone. It's quick, can be cheap, and definitely cheerful. I get so many compliments on my Evolution Rewind ring!

  2. Your designs are bold yet classic Lisa, if that can even be combined! I love how you savor the integrity of each piece yet offer a modern twist on its overall design! My mother LOVED her piece I gave her for Christmas. Keep making/designing wearable works of art! Brande

  3. Thanks so much for the comments ladies! Your support really means a lot to me XO More to come in 2013!

  4. Oh my! Breathtaking photos! The cocktail ring is very gorgeous. I love your post Lisa. It's educational and I find it very valuable. Congratulations!

    - Athena -