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Discover Your Inner Goddess With CoCo PART II: Style

I adore CoCo for many reasons and when it comes to fashion and personal style she certainly has her own unique perspective and philosophy which I both applaud and respect. She embraces her body and compliments it with her unique style. Because of her vulnerability, honestly and authenticity her on-line following is able to feel a true 'CoCo Connection'. She and I have different style aesthetics and tastes, but we are birds of a fashion feather when it comes to empowering women and of course sole sisters (aka fellow Shoe Freaks). CoCo is convinced that EVERY woman has an inner goddess.
 She is building her brand based on this theory to which I whole heatedly agree. Regardless of age, size, and shape, ALL women possess an inner goddess that we should celebrate.  We talked about her brand recently and she is providing woman on a global scale with the tools to discover that inner goddess through all facets of life; Fitness, Fashion, Personal Style, and embracing their Sexuality all within CoCo's World.

FASHION:  She and I have talked fashion before but she shared an update on her clothing line Licious. CoCo s vision, "I am trying to make women feel good about their body and look good with my clothes. Everything I do, I personally do it and I am trying to help the masses."  We talked about the importance of fit and she conveyed her favorite piece from the Licious line, it's all in the 'jeans', "The classic jeans are the best fitting jeans you will ever wear. People always ask where did you get those jeans? I say they are mine, they are Licious, they are not too low and there is a little flare at the bottom to even out the hips. They make you look good and are so comfortable. Every item in my Licious website is stretchy and machine washable.".  
 Don't worry if you think you missed last seasons pieces CoCo told me, "I don’t do the four seasons, I just do Winter and Summer. I leave all the clothes on the website but I may I put up more jackets and pants on the website just before winter. I just did a photo shoot for Licious and I am putting up 5 more outfits and more jackets and 5 new swimsuits. With the swimsuits I focused on covering the stomach. A lot of girls don’t like to show their stomach."

CoCo Loves her coats: "I wanted more of a “red carpet” jacket for Licious. The paparazzi took more pics with the long jacket than the actual outfit underneath." 
CoCo Photogrphed in one of her maxi-jackets 
from her personal collection.

PERSONAL STYLE:   Thank's to CoCo's partnership with the subscription service Quarterly you can have CoCo's personal style picks shipped right to your door, every three months for $50. You get a fabulous box of goodies hand selected by CoCo for you with products she herself uses. She told me, There is a list of people from DJ’s, fitness experts, chefs, to models. If you are into their style and if you sign up for their box.. It is a one time fee $50.00 and you get a box every quarter of the year. The box just shows up at your house and it is full of surprises. So for $50.00 you get four boxes. In the box you get things that you personally picked out, so if you picked me you would get glam, fun, blingy stuff. Anything I am into I will be putting in this box, like things I personally use. I have a new sunglasses line and actually prescription glasses too so you could just pick the frame. People can actually sign up for the box I already sent out. 

For example, I gave a free gift card and you can go to my website and pick out any pair of glasses that you wanted. That is worth $150.00. I also sent in a personal magazine that I love and it is called “Shoeaholics”. The whole about how shoes are made, the influence that shoes make nowadays. That’s why in the box I am trying to get you thinking there is products so cool out there and you may want to used them down the road. I’m just giving you what I use to deal with life and you might like it too.Each of my boxes will be themed. The next box I come out with will be in about a month. If someone picked me .. my next box will be a “Glam” box. So anything in this box will be glamour. Then the next one will be a fitness box.

EASY ON THE EYES:  CoCo also has a new line of eye wear  called 'CoCo Licious'. There are a selection of shades as well as frames for your prescription. As with all products in CoCo's World she wears them herself. 
CoCo Wearing "Mafia Wife"

SEXUALITY:  I personally am a sexually liberal person. I have never understood the shame and guilt that is often associated with sexuality, especially women's sexuality. I think it is a part of life that deserves to be celebrated, talked about and explored. Coco and I once again are in agreeance that is an important part of women's lives and a component of connecting with your inner goddess. She has a line of CoCo Licious Pleasure Products hitting stores this MARCH. She says, "Sex is is natural. My pleasure products may even help your relationship. Everyone has an inner goddess you have to work with it and anybody can bring it out. We are going to have different collections. The first collection is things you can conceal in your purse. Like a cute little ring you can wear, but it is a vibrator. We actually have a compact and when you open it up it is a little bullet with a mirror."
The pink that we use is a color that was made specifically for me. It is Coco Licious Pink. It is a fluorescent pink that no one has ever seen before.
CoCo has curated a collection of items that can make any goddess shine. She has shared her life with the world and in doing so has created a brand that is truly reflective of herself and her ambition to empower women. I applaud her efforts and look forward to what is next in CoCo's World.
Stylish Selfie: CoCo & I Post Peepshow - Las Vegas July 2013

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