Thursday, January 9, 2014

Kind Math

I'm trying to start a new routine in 2014, which includes writing more regularly.  I saw this online during the transition between Christmas and New Years and it got me thinking about 'kind math'
1 act of kindness a day + 1 person = A life changed/enhanced 365 times

That life potentially effects DOZENS of other lives so technically your kindness could multiply into the enhancement of others lives far beyond your direct contact or reach.

1 act of kindness + 1 person = 365 lives changed
1 life change + 12 family/friends = 13 people effected X 365 = 4380 lives.
So on and so forth. Imagine then that you had the time or the desire to participate in two or more acts of kindness, per day, all year.

The moral of my mathematical story is that we are ALL capable of enhancing each others lives or even changing them. We don't have to know each other to do so either, so be kind for kindness sake.  You can see how far reaching your reward may be. As a little kindness goes a long way, do the math.

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